4 Chapter 4 "Memories of This World"

7 big countries in Sui Hu Continent are named based on the mythological clan name. Dragon country, Phoenix country, White tiger country, Black tortoise country, Qilin country, Pegasus country and Unicorn country.

Phoenix and pegasus country are a sky country which were floating in the sky whereas white tiger country are a mountain country because the country is surrounded by a dozen of mountains.

Dragon and Qilin country are a fire country surrounded by a giant lava lake and lava river.

Black Tortoise country is a water country, located on top of sea.

Aside of those 7 big countries, small country like Qiu Country is located at a normal place but of course the cultivation energy gathered here is very scarce compared to the 7 big countries where the cultivation energy there is dense.

As for the rank of cultivator, there are 10 stage and each stage is devided again within 1 star until 7 stars.

Started from Beginner stage, Disciple stage, Apprentice stage, Senior stage, Master stage, Semi-saint stage, Saint stage, Holy Saint stage, Demi-God stage and the strongest is God stage.

The strength of 1 mythological beast is stronger than human in God stage. Because of that all mythological beast live at the upper realm not at the lower realm.

The strength of an adult sacred beast is equal to someone in holy saint stage. Whereas adult divine beast's strength is the same with human in saint stage.

Adult high rank beast is equal to someone in semi-saint stage.

You have to know that the strongest person in Qiu country is only at senior stage. Whereas at the Sui Hu continent the strongest one is at Saint stage.

At the other 3 continent, 1 continent is a dessert, the other is spiritual continent filled with only spiritual beasts and the last one is the largest continent with the strongest person there, already reach Demi-God stage.

Fuh....Li Shi Ying opened her eyes for a moment to digest these information based on the original body memories and after a while she closed her eyes again to slowly regain more information about this world.

While Li Shi Ying busy gaining informations from her memories, Mao Mao just sat there doing nothing and watched Li Shi Ying with her activity.

Mao Mao was very hungry at the moment but he will endure it! He will protect Shi Ying from other dangerous beasts. This is the first human he could talk with. Ever since he was a child he has always want to talked with human but every single human who met him either ran away or attacked him while running away. He felt sad! He won't attack human...well if he was hungry maybe he will. His mom said that human was very delicious.

No no no don't think like that. Just focus on protecting Shi Ying! GO GO!

Li Shi Ying already searched for more informations from her left over memories.

Money! She needed to know the money currency used in this world. Without money, she won't survive at all!

Money used in this country are copper coin, silver coin, gold coin and crystal coin.

1 silver coin is equal to 100 copper coins. 1 gold coin is equal to 100 silver coins. 1 crystal coins is equal to 100 Million gold coins. Crystal coins is very rarely used.

Crystal coins is used when people want to buy something which is more than 100 million gold coins.

There is also a bank check with minimal amount of money written, 1000 gold coins.

They also have a card system in local bank. Red card is for someone with total savings 1 million gold coins. Silver card is for someone with total savings 10 million gold coins. Gold card is for someone with total savings 100 million gold coins or equal with 1 crystal coin. Black card is for someone with total savings 500 million gold coins or 5 crystal coin. As for crystal card it is for someone with total savings more than a billion gold coins or 10 crystal coins.

Hmm to make it simple 10 copper coins is the same with 1 US dollar used in Li Shi Ying former world. 1 silver coin is equal with 10 US dollar. 1 gold coin is equal with 1000 US dollar. 1 crystal coin is the same with 100 billion US dollar.

Currently Li Shi Ying only have 5 silver coins in her pocket. A month salary as a high rank maidservant in a general manor is 3 silver coins.

This...she is too poor! Even her monthly pocket money was 77 US dollar which is at least 7 silver coins a month. And that pocket money was only used for shopping and not for daily needs! Uwuwuwu she won't survive even for a month here! She want to faint.

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