709 I want Knowledge

"Do you mind getting down so we can talk?" Arad said, staring at Lola with a passive face.

"I don't. I like to stare down at people while talking with them." She smiled, glaring down at Arad with waves of magic flowing out of her body like a blinding light.

CLACK! CLACK! CLACK! Mary appeared behind Arad and walked past him, staring up with a tired face, "Lola, get down," She sighed.

Arad's eyes shifted toward Mary, ^The metallic queen, since when did she get here? I didn't sense her.^

"I'll never stand on the same level as one of Sofia's descendants, especially not this young brat," Lola replied with a shout, laughing her guts off, "I'm stronger than her,"

"Who's Sofia?" Arad asked with a passive face, confused.

"The chromatic dragon goddess, Tiamat. She's the progenitor of void dragons like yourself," Mary looked at him, "She's your kind' great great grandma,"


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