The dragon's harem

What makes dragons strong? It's not their power or magic, but their mind. Arrogance, greed, Iron Will, and the lack of human restraints. What would happen if you threw such a creature into human society? Would they understand humans? What does love even mean to them? This is the situation that our MC, Arad Orion found himself in. A newborn dragon bringing "Might make Right" to the humanoids, but why? Due to an abnormal condition, the mighty void dragons are on the brink of extinction. Their bodies have suddenly started rejecting their kind. Due to that, Arad's mother dropped his egg into a forest where he could hatch safely, leaving him with a fragment of her consciousness and informing him of the condition of their race. From that point, his goal became clear. To save their race by either finding a cure for their condition or going the second route of making more void dragons. But, sadly, nothing is ever that easy. Finding a cure is almost impossible. Arad is still practically a newborn and cannot tap into the terrifying might of his race, and his rarity makes him a prime target for mages and scholars seeking to study the dying race. Dragons are arrogant, proud, and vicious. Yet those feeling extends to those whom they love. You who touched a dragon's love, Retribution is an insult, and life is a crime. Beware as merely existing draws the dragon's wrath. Follow Arad on his journey as he grows from a naive wyrmling to a grown dragon with enough wisdom and power to stand with the strongest of the world. *** If you liked the story, please support it with power stones and comments! The story now has a Discord server. Please visit it to see character art by me and the community. https://discord.gg/CPJXDj6Adg *** You can contact me at Discord at any time Alen_Tanor#1599 And last. Please don't forget to leave a review, it really helps!

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I want Knowledge

"Do you mind getting down so we can talk?" Arad said, staring at Lola with a passive face.

"I don't. I like to stare down at people while talking with them." She smiled, glaring down at Arad with waves of magic flowing out of her body like a blinding light.

CLACK! CLACK! CLACK! Mary appeared behind Arad and walked past him, staring up with a tired face, "Lola, get down," She sighed.

Arad's eyes shifted toward Mary, ^The metallic queen, since when did she get here? I didn't sense her.^

"I'll never stand on the same level as one of Sofia's descendants, especially not this young brat," Lola replied with a shout, laughing her guts off, "I'm stronger than her,"

"Who's Sofia?" Arad asked with a passive face, confused.

"The chromatic dragon goddess, Tiamat. She's the progenitor of void dragons like yourself," Mary looked at him, "She's your kind' great great grandma,"