713 Green Inheritance

Arad stood, "Baltos and the royal family would stay in this keep for protection. It's the safest place I can offer. Gin would handle all connection with the village or Alina, and I'll move the injured Kin here to finish her recovery,"

"And you?" Baltos stared at Arad.

"I'll be staying in my house for what little remains of the winter," He replied, "And I'll set off for the university afterward. I'm counting on you and Charlie to watch over the castle's building process," Arad replied, walking toward the door, "I'll bring Isdis here later to see you,"

"You can count on me. I guess I can keep doing my work from here?" Baltos nodded.

"You can. I don't need the castle right now. Use it as a base," Arad walked out.

Alcott smiled, "So the kingdom's capital is in Arad's territory now. That's akin to saying the whole kingdom is a part of his treasure hoard.


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