The dragon's harem

What makes dragons strong? It's not their power or magic, but their mind. Arrogance, greed, Iron Will, and the lack of human restraints. What would happen if you threw such a creature into human society? Would they understand humans? What does love even mean to them? This is the situation that our MC, Arad Orion found himself in. A newborn dragon bringing "Might make Right" to the humanoids, but why? Due to an abnormal condition, the mighty void dragons are on the brink of extinction. Their bodies have suddenly started rejecting their kind. Due to that, Arad's mother dropped his egg into a forest where he could hatch safely, leaving him with a fragment of her consciousness and informing him of the condition of their race. From that point, his goal became clear. To save their race by either finding a cure for their condition or going the second route of making more void dragons. But, sadly, nothing is ever that easy. Finding a cure is almost impossible. Arad is still practically a newborn and cannot tap into the terrifying might of his race, and his rarity makes him a prime target for mages and scholars seeking to study the dying race. Dragons are arrogant, proud, and vicious. Yet those feeling extends to those whom they love. You who touched a dragon's love, Retribution is an insult, and life is a crime. Beware as merely existing draws the dragon's wrath. Follow Arad on his journey as he grows from a naive wyrmling to a grown dragon with enough wisdom and power to stand with the strongest of the world. *** If you liked the story, please support it with power stones and comments! The story now has a Discord server. Please visit it to see character art by me and the community. https://discord.gg/CPJXDj6Adg *** You can contact me at Discord at any time Alen_Tanor#1599 And last. Please don't forget to leave a review, it really helps!

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E-rank quests are weird to the dragon

^Can I eat cooked monster flesh?^ Arad asked while walking toward the guild with Aella.

{It's more efficient to eat raw meat.}

^Cooked is better.^

{Humanoid cook meat to clean it from diseases. They exchange safety for nutritious quality.} Mom replied, {You might need to eat 50% More if you cooked your meat.}

^Can I store food in my stomach?^

{You're mother used to do that. But be careful. You can overhunt a forest.}

^What dragons are there? Are void dragons strong in comparison?^

{Void dragons are the strongest of the magic dragons, Reds are the strongest of the chromatic, and Golds are the strongest of the metallic dragons. But combat depends on more things than just race.}

"Arad, we reached the guild!" Aella said with a smile, "We can go hunt monsters."

{She's oddly energetic.}

^Is that a problem?^

{She might be dealing with some things, so keep an eye on her.^

Aella gently pushed the giant wooden door open, and all the adventurers stared at her. People usually kick the poor door.

Everyone immediately started whispering, "An elf?"

"How come? They rarely visit human cities."

"Come on, we like them, and they like us."

"But it's strange. We had a skirmish against the elves lately. I thought they would be a bit angry."

"Is she an adventurer?"

But as they spoke, Aella spun around, waving her arm, "Arad, why are you waiting? Come in."

Everyone stopped talking, their faces shited to the back, glaring at Arad. It was the newbie's doing. The monster brought something unusual.

Nina waved at them from behind the counter. "Arad, come here!"

The two walked across the guild hall, ignoring everyone. Aella didn't seem bothered as she kept her smile, but Arad was nervous.

{She keeps that energetic attitude. I have a bad feeling about that.}

^Mom, aren't you getting a bit too worried?^

{I was a part of your mother once, don't underestimate the instincts she had. The girl has no malicious intents, but I know she will be a problem to deal with.}

Arad took that into mind. He faced Nina, "Can you register Aella?"

After a series of questions about how Aella fights, Nina finally registered her as an E-rank adventurer like Arad. The reason for that was her stats.


{Name: Aella Deianira}{Race: Elf}{Class: Fighter}

{Level: 12/20}{Exp: 5630/35000}{Sub-class: Arcane-Archer}


[Strength: 6] [Agility: 20] [Constitution: 15]

[Magic: 10] [Intelligence: 10] [Wisdom: 12]

{HP: 234}{MP: 180}{SP: 276}



[Fighting Style: Archery]

[Second Wind: 1/day, heal-self up to 10+level]

[Action Surge: double speed for 2 seconds]

[Arcane Archer: Can infuse arrows with elemental energy]


[Arcane Archer: Can create a bow and arrows with magic]

{Innate Skills}

[Elvish Mana: +6 per level]

[Elvish Night Vision: Can see in the dark]

[Elvish Hearing: A sharper Hearing]






{Can't be detected without a mind reading magic}


Unlike Arad, who is just level one, she is level twelve and has the strength of a high C-rank adventurer.

"Thank you, I will treasure it a lot," Aella said, grabbing her guild card with two hands and a smile.

Before the two could start talking and wasting time, Arad interrupted them. "We should take a quest. Let's go, Aella." He stood and walked toward the quest board.

E-rank quests, He can finally start hunting monsters which grant him enough exp to level up.

^Mom, what should we take? Is there anyone who can help me level faster?^

{You can level up your humanoid power, but as a void dragon, you need to cultivate your power. Dragons grow stronger the older we get, meaning our bodies cultivate naturally. But we can accelerate it manually, as not every dragon can wait a thousand years to become strong.}

^Can you explain it in detail?^

{You will know when the time comes. Now focus on eating.}

Arad looked at the board to read the quests but soon changed his expression.


{Goblin slaying: Clear the goblin nest of Valondur. Five coppers per head, and you can keep all goblins' belonging.}

{Giant Toad slaying: Kill five giant toads in two days. Twenty-five copper coins per kill. The guild owns the corpses and will send haulers.}

{Raging Bull termination: The eastern farm needs a brave adventurer to castrate their gorgon bull. Two silver coins. The farm owns the testicles, and they must be unharmed}

{City wall breach: The city council is looking for workers to destroy a segment of the city wall. One silver coin per day. The city provides lunch and protective equipment.}

{Bar host: The silver moon bar needs a strong adventurer to be a bartender. The last bartender got killed by drunkards, so we need a strong one. Ten silver coins per day.}

{Temporary exchange: The southern elephant trunk brothel needs an attractive woman for a week, and the house mistress will decide on the look. One gold coin per day to 20 gold coins per day, depending on the type of service.}

{Mine investigation: Workers have been dying in the silver mine of silverbell, and a cleric is needed to investigate. Pay five silver coins}

{Magic punching bag: Merlin, the city's grand wizard, requires a young male, preferably 20~25 years: To be a test subject for the new polymorph spell. PS: You might end up as a frog for several days, but I will keep you safe in my room. Pay two gold coins}{Already taken}

{Rise of the dead: Two skeletons have risen inside the city's catacomb, please get rid of them. Pay two silver coins}


Arad turned back, "Magic punching back."

Several adventurers, even high-ranked ones, turned away and started whistling.

"Hmmm." Glaring at them, "Temporary exchange." A bunch of female adventurers turned the other way, and every other adventurer glared at them.

Aella approached Arad, "Do you want to take those two? What do they say?" She said, smiling. She glared at the papers, "I can't read human language."

{You can naturally understand and speak all languages. But can only read and write human and draconic. This is a gift from your mother's consciousness.}

"No, we're killing giant toads," Arad replied. "Those quests pay nice, but they are awful,"

Then an adventurer opened his mouth, "Come on, Arad, let her take the Temporary exchange quest. I bet she doesn't mind."

Hearing that, Arad slowly turned his head and lifted his palm. KA-DON! His palm burst into flame as he glared at the adventurer, "I will burn you alive." Arad wasn't serious, and neither was the adventurer, everyone knew it was a joke, but something happened.

As the adventurer stared at Arad's eyes, he suddenly felt a heavy pressure on his chest. He started sweating, and his knees shook. As if glared down by a predator, he stepped away.

"Are you all right?" His friend asked.

"Yeah." The adventurer said, confused, "For a moment, I got a strange feeling staring into his eyes."

His friend stared at him, disgusted, "I thought we two like the elf girl, you bastard are going for the guy?" They started bickering like two old geezers.

Arad picked up the quest and approached Nina's desk, "Register me this one," He said with a smile.

"You still have the rabit quest registered. Want to keep it up?" Nina asked with an angry smile.

Arad panicked momentarily, "Sorry, I forgot about it." Aella stared at him, confused, "Did she mean rabbits?"

Thud! Nina grabbed Arad by the head, "Thank Amber later, and never register more than one quest at a time."

The dawn of a new epic adventure, will the dragon find his meal?

Which quest will you take?

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