712 Alcott Strikes Again

"I have some contacts there. I'll get you into the new year at the start of spring." Alcott smiled, "But you'll have to keep a low profile. That means no killing or causing trouble,"

"I already know that. It's the whole reason I'm trying to come up with a way to hide my identity," Arad replied.

"If they knew you're Arad Orion, most nobles would pull their kids out of the university. That'll cause the year to halt," Baltos looked at them, "I doubt they can trust the safety of their children with a kingdom blasting dragon around."

"Who do you intend to take?" Alcott asked.

"Probably all of my wives," Arad replied.

"Isdis can't go with you." Baltos sighed, "She has already been there once. And she's well known. She'll either expose your identity or cause herself several bad rumors to start,"


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