211 Junior

"What suggestion?" Ethan worriedly asked.

"Well, we were hoping that Mr Ryan would perform the surgery after his return to Ireland and after seeing her reports he too felt he would be the right person to do this task. But unfortunately there has been a complication with the patient he is working on in the US and he therefore would be staying there for longer than intended so he has some alternate suggestion he would like to discuss with you two" The doctor explained.

William got worried and looked at Ethan who nodded his head agreeing to the doctor's request.

"Okay, I'll set up a call between you two in two hours?" The doctor suggested and Ethan agreed.

"Can I also attend this meeting please?" William requested Ethan after the doctor left leaving them alone.

Ethan smirked at him, "Look at you pleading with me. I am really enjoying this Mr. Richardson"


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