The Doctor and The CEO

Rachel, CEO of a big conglomerate woke up after being in a coma for 3 months. She ran away from her home and running away didn't do her any good and she ended up getting entangled with a few dangerous people, she thought her life would end but surprisingly she was alive and was being cared by a handsome doctor, Daniel. Unbeknownst to her there are some hidden enemies she needs to deal with and she can only with the support of her gang of friends and the doctor she developed a crush on. ... Once the rapid pounding of their hearts calmed down, Daniel pecked her lips lightly and again confessed, “I love you Rachel” Rachel smiled back at him, “I love you too” “Should we continue our drive or return back home?” Daniel asked. “Let’s continue” “You sure? Are you not tired?” Daniel was still concerned about her. “You think only a kiss can tire me?” Rachel replied boldly, she too was not sure where this boldness came from but she suddenly felt courageous. Daniel was surprised by her words but he was not the one to back down, “Well should we find out what can tire you?” Daniel leaned forward and whispered in her ears, his eyes looked hungry for more. The bold Rachel of earlier disappeared and she became shy and shrank back ... Disclaimer: The cover photo does not belong to me, if the owner has a problem please let me know I'll remove it

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Next day Daniel entered St church city hospital, it was his first day here. The hospital was very clean and maintained well. At the reception there was a big crowd of people. Some were seated while others remained standing in anxiety. This hospital had several wards. The building of the hospital is like any other building. It is beautifully built. It has a large number of doors, windows and ventilators. The surroundings of the hospital are quite neat and clean. Each ward has a garden in front of it. It adds to the beauty of the hospital. All the wards are neat and clean.

Daniel was heading towards the chief's room. Dr George is the chief who manages the hospital well, a very experienced doctor and very kind and helpful to all the members in the hospital, irrespective of their positions. He is a 60 years old tall man, white haired, cheerful face and had more than 30 years of experience in the medical field.

Daniel entered the room, Dr George invited him with a smile, there was already someone else too sitting in the cabin.

"Good morning sir, Daniel morris". He introduced himself to the chief and took the seat next to the person sitting there.

"Good morning Daniel, it is our pleasure to have you as the head of the neurology department"

Chief turned towards another person sitting besides Daniel and introduced him to Daniel.

"Dr Daniel, he is Dr Matthew, head of the cardiologist department, it is his first day too just like you" chief introduced them to each other.

Dr Matthew turned towards Daniel extended his hand for a shake with a friendly smile and Daniel reciprocated the same.

"Well! Welcome to our hospital and pleasure to have your services at our hospital and in any case you need any help please don't hesitate to come to me." George told Daniel and Matthew.

They smiled and nodded. After some pleasantries Daniel and Matthew left for their respective rooms. A warden there guided them. Daniel was feeling awkward, he wanted to talk and make a small conversation with Matthew but didn't know how to.

Seeing his hesitation while walking in the corridor Matthew decided to initiate a conversation and said, "Daniel, let's meet again at the lunch time in the canteen, first days are awkward so let's be awkward together." he chuckled and continued, "I am excited that I joined this hospital as my childhood friend too works here, I'll introduce you to her during the lunch time."

Daniel liked his attitude and smiled, "Sure, thanks for inviting me."

"Chill dude, do you have any of your friends working here?"

"I don't have friends here," Daniel replied.

"No worries, I am your friend and I am sure you will like my other friend too."

"Hahaha I am sure I will." Daniel too cheerfully responded.

Then they said their goodbyes and went towards their respective departments.

It was lunch time, since it was the first day Daniel just got updated with the working system of the hospital and went through the list of patients and their reports. There was a knock on his door. A tall and attractive guy cheerfully smiling was standing at his door, his smile is so warm and friendly it can make others feel comfortable around him. Daniel smiled back at Matthew.

"Shall we go for lunch?" Matthew asked.

"Yes going through a report, give me five minutes."


Meanwhile Matthew messaged his friend asking her to meet him soon.

Then Daniel and Matthew headed towards the hospital canteen and occupied a table for four.

Just then A tall attractive lady came towards Matt. As soon as he saw her he grinned and stood up to give her a tight hug, they both seemed very excited as if meeting after a long time.

"I am so sorry, I couldn't receive you" she apologised.

"Are you crazy, don't be so formal"

Then Matthew introduced her to Daniel, "Daniel, she is Dr. Emily Green, an autopsy specialist and my best friend"

"Hi, I am Daniel, head of neurology I joined today morning." he introduced himself.

"Hello Daniel, I knew you two were joining but I didn't expect you to be so young and handsome."

Daniel felt shy hearing her words.

"Oh god, look at you flirting, do you want Daniel to get shot?" Matthew asked with hidden meaning in his words.

"I moved on so should you." she replied in anger.

Daniel smiled seeing them bickering. Emily decided to ignore Matthew and asked Daniel, "Where did you study medicine from?"

Daniel replied "Cambridge."

Both Emily and Matt looked at each other with shocked expressions.

"What happened?" Daniel asked in confusion.

Matt said in an excited tone "Emily also studied in the same university, she is your junior in that sense, right Emily?"

Emily nodded and asked which batch and with their conversation they came to know that she is one year junior to him.

Matt asked then "how you couldn't know each other, in medical college ragging is so common between seniors and juniors, then there is senior-junior bonding session, get togethers and there are so many couples. I wonder how you two don't know each other, either you both are lying to me or you both are antisocial people."

Emily was about to say something but Matt again interrupted her and said "I know you are not antisocial, but what is the reason?" he pretended as if he was thinking deeply.

Daniel replied "I don't know much about my juniors as I used to focus on my studies, whenever I used to get time used to visit small towns to treat patients"

Emily said "starting two years I used to run away to my house as I used to miss my family "

Matt teased her "you missed your family or your boyfriend?" with a naughty smile.