The Doctor and The CEO

Rachel, CEO of a big conglomerate woke up after being in a coma for 3 months. She ran away from her home and running away didn't do her any good and she ended up getting entangled with a few dangerous people, she thought her life would end but surprisingly she was alive and was being cared by a handsome doctor, Daniel. Unbeknownst to her there are some hidden enemies she needs to deal with and she can only with the support of her gang of friends and the doctor she developed a crush on. ... Once the rapid pounding of their hearts calmed down, Daniel pecked her lips lightly and again confessed, “I love you Rachel” Rachel smiled back at him, “I love you too” “Should we continue our drive or return back home?” Daniel asked. “Let’s continue” “You sure? Are you not tired?” Daniel was still concerned about her. “You think only a kiss can tire me?” Rachel replied boldly, she too was not sure where this boldness came from but she suddenly felt courageous. Daniel was surprised by her words but he was not the one to back down, “Well should we find out what can tire you?” Daniel leaned forward and whispered in her ears, his eyes looked hungry for more. The bold Rachel of earlier disappeared and she became shy and shrank back ... Disclaimer: The cover photo does not belong to me, if the owner has a problem please let me know I'll remove it

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343 Chs

Crossing The Line?

"No no, please Danny not now, I'll surprise them later" Jimmy had other plans in store and also his family is happy that he landed a project earlier this week, if they will know he has not given up on his passion for acting and is pursuing it in parallel, they might advise him to not take it up.

Currently he didn't want all of this happening with him, he wanted to manage it all by himself and then tell his family or rather show it to them by handling everything well.

Daniel respected his decision and agreed to keep it a secret and so did Rachel.

"How will you manage the new project and rehearsals? Have you figured it out or not? How are you going to balance the both?" Danny asked him back to back questions as he was concerned how his baby brother would manage everything.