1 Politics and my Farm

The Craziness in humanity cannot be over emphasised, there's a little bit of craziness in us all and we are all Farmer's, cause we all till like a farmer we all put time and energy to work, and eat, time and effort come to play in our daily living, you yes you are a farmer , and you produce fruits called money in our daily living. This is the Socio- Political book called the Diary of a Political Farmer.

As a Farmer, politics affects my farm, when things are not stable politically I get a decrease in harvest but when all things are stable I get a lot of fruits from my farm. our President Mal , Mal of a small country called Folkabaria did try to start a war, because our people protested against corruption and lack of increase in production. So what do I do in a scenario like this? people call me crazy because I wake up and I sleep happy at times, but then I reach out somedays and make a lot of noise of about how angry I am at Folkabaria Government my crops die when I have no money to buy a special water, I stay in the East but I get it from the West , corruption has it's roots in Folkabaria, I have been arrested several times because of my loud and crazy attitude.

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