1 Nightmare

April 16, 2023.

In one of the rooms of a renowned hospital, a group of doctors, clad in white coats and scrubs, gathered around a conference table. The atmosphere resonated with an aura of professionalism and intense focus as they discussed a critical patient case.

"Are you sure you want to proceed with this surgery, Dr. Grey?" asked an older doctor, his slightly narrowed eyes fixed on a young woman with midnight hair. A few pieces of her hair gracefully fell on either side of her masked face as she lowered her gaze, immersed in studying the patient's medical reports.

The man gestured towards the reports in her hands and continued, "As you can see from the reports, the patient's heart condition puts him at a high risk of a stroke during the surgery, and the success rate of this craniectomy(1) is minuscule, barely 0.1%. I strongly advise you to reconsider your decision."

The young woman wore a white coat over her blue scrubs, and a black mask covered the lower half of her face, revealing only her rare purple-violet eyes. Since she began her work at the hospital, those captivating eyes were the only feature anyone had ever glimpsed. Even her identity card had no photo and only displayed her name and position.

Dr. Eva Grey.


She became the youngest person to become a doctor at the age of 16. And by the time she turned 22, she had surpassed every doctor in history with her exceptional skills in both modern and traditional medicine. But, she was so mysterious that no one had ever seen her face except Doctor Morris, the hospital president.

Placing the reports on the table, Eva raised her head, her purple eyes gleaming with determination as she reassured him, "Don't worry, Dr. Remy. I can handle this."

Dr. Remy frowned and spoke sternly, "Dr. Grey, you must not be so overconfident. Simply having a few successful surgeries on your record does not guarantee infallibility. Even the most experienced surgeons can face unforeseen challenges during this procedure. If any complications arise during the surgery, you will bear full responsibility, and do not forget that your medical license will get revoked."

The other doctors at the table nodded in agreement. While a few of them doubted her abilities, others couldn't help but experience a pang of jealousy as Eva had attained a prestigious reputation as the finest surgeon in an astonishingly short period, surpassing their years of work as mere practitioners within the hospital.

Eva's eyes narrowed at the older doctor's words, but before she could respond, a chilling woman's voice echoed in the room, "Who dares to revoke her license?"

The cold voice caused all the doctors inside the room to instinctively turn their heads and direct their gaze towards a young woman standing at the entrance. And upon catching sight of the girl, a faint smile graced Eva's lips, concealed behind her mask.

The young woman was dressed in a pair of blue jeans and a white tee, with her luscious chocolate-brown hair cascading down her shoulders. Despite her adorable appearance, she emanated an undeniably intimidating aura and her brown eyes glinted with coldness as her gaze swept across the people inside the room before settling upon the older doctor.

She sauntered into the room, as if it were her own domain. And, in a sense, it was justifiable, considering the hospital belonged to the Morris family, and Emily Morris stood as their sole heir.

Everyone at the table stood up from their seats as they saw her approaching them.

Coming to a stop before the old man, Emily crossed her arms and tilted her head to the side. Her voice resonated loudly as she addressed him, "You have the audacity to revoke her license, Dr. Remy? Have you already forgotten about the case of the patient who went into critical condition due to your negligence a few months ago? If it weren't for Dr. Grey's timely intervention, whose license do you think would have been at stake?"

The old man nervously gulped before lowering his head in embarrassment. He offered a bow to her and said, "I apologize, Miss Morris. I was just concerned about Dr. Grey and was simply suggesting that she reconsider performing this risky surgery."

"If she believes she can do it, then there's no need for concern," Emily turned towards the staff and spoke in an authoritative tone, "Prepare everything she needs for the surgery."

While the staff quickly exited the room to make the necessary preparations, Dr. Remy and the other doctors at the table cast curious glances towards Eva and Emily, who exchanged a smile between them. They couldn't help but wonder if there was a special connection between Dr. Eva Grey and the Young Miss of the Morris family.

It was no easy feat to get acquainted with the Morris family, given their status as one of the oldest and most prominent families in the kingdom. As a result, a lingering question remained in everyone's minds: 'From which prominent family did Dr. Grey originate?'

Eva made her way into the operating theatre, dressed in a surgical gown, mask, and cap. After seven hours of intense work, the brain surgery came to an end successfully.

At some point during the procedure, a serious complication arose, causing the patient's condition to deteriorate rapidly as his heart rate plummeted to dangerous levels. However, displaying her skill and composure, Eva managed to rescue him just in the nick of time, causing everyone inside the operation theatre to breathe a sigh of relief and look at Eva with astonishment.

"Congratulations, Dr. Grey," they offered a respectful bow to her, "We sincerely apologize for doubting your abilities."

"It's alright," Eva responded with a smile, "I couldn't have done it without the teamwork. Thank you all for your hard work."

They offered another bow before proceeding to attend to their respective tasks and Eva made her way to the changing room to discard her surgical attire. She quickly changed into a fresh pair of blue scrubs before heading towards her private room situated on the top floor of the building.

Her private room, which resembled a presidential suite with white and gold interiors, was fully equipped with everything she needed, including a queen-sized bed, a mini library with an array of medical books, a grand bathroom, and a bullet-proof glass wall overlooking the city.

As soon as she entered the room, she swiftly removed her mask and collapsed onto the bed with a tired yawn. Before long, the exhaustion from performing a seven-hour surgery caught up with her, and she drifted off to sleep.

When Eva opened her eyes, she found herself standing in the middle of a thick forest. Her eyebrows furrowed in confusion as she wondered where she was and how she got there.

Flashes of lightning tore through the darkened sky, while the deep, rolling thunder echoed ominously, causing her heart to pound faster. The chilling wind grazed against her skin and gently swayed her hair. Instinctively, she hugged her arms, rubbing them for warmth, as she anxiously scanned the area with her purple eyes.

The trees looked tall and wide, and their gnarled roots snaked across the ground, lending an eerie appearance to the forest. A thick fog began to crawl around her feet, trying to slither its way upward, as if intent on engulfing her entirely. And the occasional breezes swept through the area, carrying with them the murmurs and whispers of the rustling leaves.


Eva heard her name being called out in a sing-song whisper from a distance, its echo lingering in the air.

"Hello, is anybody there?" Eva called out, her voice echoing through the forest.

'Time for you to come to me…'

Hearing the voice once again, Eva found herself entranced by its allure and began walking forward, drawn towards the source of the whisper.

Just as she took two steps, a sharp snap of a twig from behind caused her to freeze in her tracks.

She spun around swiftly.

Her purple eyes gazed into the darkness and she felt as if the darkness itself was staring right back into her soul.

When the lightning struck again, she caught sight of a man in a black tailcoat, standing just a few feet away from her. The fog veiled his features, obscuring a clear view of his face, but the unsettling aura he exuded caused her heart to race faster.

"Who's there?" she squinted her eyes, trying to get a clear look at the man's face.

The man took a step forward, slowly emerging from the shadows. And the fog slightly cleared, revealing the lower half of his face.

A gasp tore from Eva's chest when she saw his lips, smeared with blood, slowly twist into a crooked grin, revealing his fangs.

Fear instantly gripped her, and an instinctual urge to turn around and flee surged through her veins. But the thought of exposing her vulnerable back to the monster in front of her caused the hairs on her neck to stand on end.

"Wh-What are you?" Eva stammered, her voice trembling, as she took slow steps backwards, cautiously maintaining distance.

Suddenly, the man vanished right before her and her eyes widened in terror.

'W-where did he go?' Eva felt her heart crawling its way up her throat. Swallowing it back down hard, she nervously shifted her gaze and took hasty steps backwards.

However, her breath caught in her chest the next moment when she collided with someone behind her. She froze in place, as though she were paralyzed with fear.

The man placed his hands on either side of her waist before he leaned forward and whispered in her ear, "Hello, darling."

His deep voice sent shivers down her spine, and she clenched her fists tightly to abate the shaking. Despite her desperate attempts to flee, her body remained immobile, refusing to budge even an inch. It was as if an invisible force had seized control of her body, keeping her rooted in place.

"How naive of you to think you could escape from me," his dark chuckle reverberated against her skin, and she felt his arms encircle her waist, pulling her closer, just before he sank his fangs deep into her neck, staining her dress with crimson.


1. Craniectomy - It is a medical procedure in which a part of the skull is surgically removed. This is done to relieve pressure on the brain when there is swelling or other issues that can't be managed with other treatments. It's a complex procedure performed by skilled surgeons and is typically done in cases where it is necessary to protect the brain and ensure its proper function.

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