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The devilish CEO vs his secretary??


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"The devilish CEO Vs his secretary " is a story of a smart and beautiful girl Yue Ling,  who studied business abroad as per her parents request because they want her to succeed her father as the heir  of the Yue company, which is one of the biggest companies in country D, but due to some circumstances and betrayer of those she thought were her trusted family she lost her parents and everything she has as she was reduced to nothing, she didn't know what to do but to continue with the situation she is in, but soon she realized that these people were also bent on killing her so as to own the company in her name, she had no choice but to try and escape their plan,  and now she has to go to another country that's far away from home to gain more power as she has only one goal in mind which is to defeat and take revenge from those people who are responsible for her condition, and to also collect the yue Company back from the evil ones... There is also Mo Shira the male lead of the story,  a cold and arrogant young man,  who many women will kill to be with,  he is from an influential family, In country M,  he is well know as a womanizer, he uses women like a piece of cloth, and he is also ruthless when it comes to his business, he only cares about his family and no one else, he never date women for more than a month,  and the worst part is he doesn't even know the meaning of love, for him he believes there are three different types of men: the one whose heart is full of love, the one who has a heart but his heart is more like a stone but can easily be broken by Love and the third are are those whose heart are like rock, it can never be broken by love or maybe it will take some time to break ,  but he for sure knows he doesn't  belong to any of the above categories why? Simply because he doesn't have a heart at all...  Read this novel to know what will happen when these two different world meet, what connection do the two have that will make them come across each other, Will Yue Ling be able to focus on her revenge with complete concentrate without being disturbed or distracted, and will she be able to help the none hearted man to have a heart or will she end up getting to its nerve? And most importantly what is the relationship between the story and the title of the novel?  ------------------- Author's note please cheer me up by encouraging me as this is my first novel and also bare with me any grammatical errors and spellings please read at your own risk . thank you .


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