23 Feverish and Wanting

Selena took in his words they embedded straight into her soul. She leaned forward and rested her head against his chest. There height difference was even more noticeable know as she heard his heart race against her ear. She didn't fully embrace him, she kept her flour covered hands to herself so as not to dirty his suit.

Xavier felt a wave of emotions as she leaned into him, he still felt that she still held herself back. Not knowing why but wanting to fully embrace her he reached around her and held her. He heard her gasp and still against him.

"My hands will make you dirty." She tried to pull back but he held her close.

"They already have." Xavier smirked and leaned his head on her shoulder. She was tiny but she meant the world to him.

They comforted one another.

After a few moments he felt her move and he released her, hopeful that she would let him hug her again. This was a positive step and he could not stop himself from smiling down at her.

"Oh, shoot. Your back will be covered." Selena walked around him and sure enough he had flour hand prints on his back. "Take it off." She stated, before turning on the water in the sink and getting some stain cleaner out of the cupboard.

"Right away little one." Xavier quickly took off his shirt, holding it out to her.

Selena turned and was met with his muscular chest now in full view. She tried not to look but who could resist.

Xavier's body was like those of the male leads in the romance books she had read and fantasied about. His muscles where defined and her fingers ached to reach out and touch them. Her mouth almost fell open and she had to shake away her thoughts before they showed on her face.

He held out his shirt to her and she took it and quickly cleaned off the spots of flour. She kept her mind focused on his shirt and didn't notice how close he had snuck up behind her.

When she did notice she wanted to be playful, Selena flicked a bit of water up at him, water dripped off his chin. She couldn't ever see herself being this playful with her ex. With Xavier she felt safe to just be herself.

"That was refreshing." He said as he wiped his face. He returned the favour and flicked her with water and because of his hands being much larger the water drenched the front of her t-shirt. His big hands had long elegant fingers, she tried not to think about those hands on her body, touching her but her mind drifted.

He smiled at her as she sputtered, but when he gazed down at her t-shirt his laughter faded and an intense heat flooded his body.

With his shirt now clean she glanced down at her t-shirt and lifted the bottom up and over the sink as she wrung out the water. She glanced up and saw his heated gaze on her chest. She then realised she was playing wet t-shirt contest in front of him. Her cheeks flushed in response.

"Selena," he whispered. His wet fingers cupped the back of her neck, and he tugged her closer. His head lowered.

Feverish and wanting, Selena rose up to meet his lips. One of his big hands cupped her butt and pulled her flush against his sculpted body. She felt his hardness against her stomach, she whimpered into the kiss. She wanted this, needed this.

While his tongue dove into her mouth, seeking. She moaned. She wanted so much more of his touch. His large hands held her, but she wanted, needed them everywhere.

Acutely aware of her surroundings after she heard a creak from behind and she pulled away slightly but he still held her in his arms. His gaze was hated and his eyes smouldered.

"We um…" her body thrummed, eager to drag him up stairs to her bedroom and explore more of this, more of him.

Xavier's nostrils flared, his gaze heated like he had the same thoughts as her own. She liked that he knew how much she wanted him.

After a moment Xavier released her, he missed her warmth as soon as he did though and his fingertips tingled with the loss of contact. "We." He shook his head just as Cass and Oriana's voices filled the house.

Xavier lifted his jacket from the back of his chair and wrapped it around her shoulders shielding her from view.

Her t-shirt was stuck to her chest and she knew her breasts showed. She smiled at his attentiveness.

Xavier tried to be a gentleman but he couldn't help himself. She was stunning and the way her wet t-shirt had clung to her curves of her breasts he become a beast.

He could still taste her sweetness on her lips as he smiled. He wanted to taste her everywhere, he was sure it would feel like nothing he had ever experienced before, he wanted to kiss her over and over again until she was a whimpering mess.

Her whimper had spurred him on, the noise so sweet to his ears. He knew then that she was just as hungry for his touch as he was for hers.

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