22 Beautiful!

The rest of the walk to Oriana's and Cass's house went without any more drama, they had chatted about mundane things and he had even helped her unpack to groceries.

Xavier was now seated opposite her on the kitchen island, she had made them both a hot cup of coffee and as he held it he gazed at her. Selena kept her head down but her cheeks flamed as she felt his hot gaze on her. He never made her feel uncomfortable, but this was all so new to her.

After one bad relationship could she ever open her heart again?

She wasn't sure yet. But Xavier's company made her heart race and soothed her mind all at the same time. She felt like she battled internally between being a romantic and a realist.

Xavier seemed dark and dangerous, with one quirk of his eyebrow or a flash of a smile she was sure he could get any girl he wanted. But Selena didn't pick up a player vibe from him.

Selena wanted to bake some bread for Monday, it would be good for breakfast and lunches and seeing as she would be making Xavier's lunches all week she wanted to keep his stomach satisfied. She told herself that it was only because he tricked her but in reality she liked to cook for others.

After much turmoil cooing was something she found enjoyable and she was great at.

Selena got out the ingredients and had started to knead the dough. She had her long curly hair tied up and a strand had fallen down in front of her eyes. With hands covered in flour she kept on kneading the dough.

Xavier adored Selena's company and he knew he would have to leave her to give her some space but he made and excuse. As they arrived home they saw a note from Oriana saying they had to go out and they would be back soon. So Xavier made up and reason to stick around as he had to speak with Cass.

Settled across from her he saw her cheeks turn pink as she mixed the ingredients together, he wished it was due to him being there but he supposed it was from making the bread. Seeing a curl fall in front of her vision he reached forward and tucked it behind her ear. His fingered lingered and they itched to touch her again. But he pulled back just as her face lifted.

They were now gazing into one another's eyes.

Selena giggled nervously and Xavier sat back down and sipped his coffee. His eyes though still held hers. He wished he could tell her what she meant to him, but he knew she was still healing.

Light affectionate touches where new to her and she almost thought she saw desire in his eyes but she shook that thought away before hope could take root in her heart. She kept her head down again and kneaded the bread like it was the utmost important job in the world.

Every girl wants a guy who she can run up to with her hair in a mess, no make u on and the first thing he says is… Just as she thought that he spoke.

"You are beautiful!" His voice was warm and earnest to her ears.

Her blush spread to the tips of her ears and she looked up again to meet his intense gaze. She could easily get lost in those deep enchanting eyes. But her ex's words filled her ears, he always told her she wasn't as pretty as most girls as she never girly enough for him.

She tried to shy away from Xavier's words they were too good to be true, she shook her head, "I am not."

Selena heard the scrape of his chair as he stood but she didn't look up afraid that he would leave and also afraid that he would move towards her. Hope was dangerous.

She saw his shadow reach her side and he again played with the infamous strand of hair that refused to stay behind her ear.

"You are beautiful!" Xavier meant every word and he wanted her to understand her worth. She should believe in herself, if she had no confidence he would make her see how stunning she really was. When he heard her deny his words he was angry at whoever made her doubt herself.

"No one on this earth could ever compare to you." Xavier said as he glanced down. She hadn't turned her head. He waited for her patiently. But nothing prepared him for what he saw next.

Selena was awe struck, someone thought she was beautiful. He didn't leave and instead he stood beside her and filled her heart with more words of affection. They hit her hard and a tear rolled from her eyes.

She tuned to face him and smiled, "Thank you Xavier."

Xavier's heart pulled, he wanted to embrace her. Pull her towards his body and mould it there until he could tell her every word that he had never said, all the words he had held back for centuries.

Wanting to understand her he wiped her tear with the back of his finger and asked, "Why do you feel sad?"

"Because I'm scarred." Seeing his sudden look of horror she shook her head he sighed as she explained, "Not my body but my heart, No one has ever called me beautiful. They have said I'm unique or quirky but never beautiful, it is hard to believe that is all." She glanced at her flour covered hands.

Xavier pulled her face up so he could look at her as he spoke, "Never be ashamed of a scar, it simply means you are stronger than whatever tried to hurt you."

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