30 A Tale Of Two Cities

That evening Selena walked back to her bedroom, she was quiet over dinner with Cass and Oriana. She was overwhelmed after those two kisses, it was all so sudden and she didn't expect to feel this way again.

Xavier was a perfect gentleman and dropped her home, he gave her space and even though she wanted him to stay around for dinner and she could see he wanted to stay he didn't.

She needed some time to process, she was just finding herself again.

Residing herself to keeping her head down and working on renovating his home was the best thing to concentrate on for now.

Selena did her nightly routine, shower and then she tucked herself up in bed. She turned to the nightstand to turn on the small light to read when she saw a book sitting there, it hadn't been there earlier had it? She thought to herself, maybe it was and she hadn't noticed it.

Selena picked up the book just as she heard a noise in the corner of the room. Rai jumped in the window and she smiled at him welcoming him onto the bed.

"Rai, cutie come and keep me company." She exclaimed.

Rai jumped up onto the bed as Selena reached out and petted his soft fur before he then curled up at her feet at the bottom of the bed.

Selena settled back down under the covers and glanced at the book, it was Charles Dicken's A tale Of Two Cities. She hadn't read this book since she was at school and she smiled opening it up eager to read it again.

She loved the classics, the book itself was leather bound and she could tell it was a first edition from the printing. Was this one of Xavier's she thought?

Inside the front cover slid a page, she opened it up and saw very intricate handwriting.

'Just think before we met we were both looking at the same stars, and dreaming of the same love.' – Xavier

It was a poem, he was here, he did leave this book for her. She smiled and held the book close to her chest. For a moment she allowed herself to hope again, to believe before shaking her head and setting down the book.

Instead she took out her phone and looked for his contact, she hovered over the button. But then she scrolled up to Elijah's name and decided to send him a message instead.

Elijah was always there, he was steady and constant although they hadn't spoken in a while she wanted to reach out again.

She typed out a message and sent it to him inviting him for coffee. She would be in and out of the city looking for furniture and getting paint swatches for Xavier's home. She put away her phone onto the night stand and lay down re-reading the poem again.

It was very sweet and old fashioned but she loved the gesture. Did he forget that poem was there or had he left it specifically for her she wondered.

Selena bit her lip and flipped over returning the note inside the front cover of the book and she took out her phone.

She found Xavier's name and wrote him a message, thanking him for the book. She then powered off her phone out of nervousness and turned away from the phone and tried to sleep. She didn't want to overthink it but she was already.

The next morning Selena woke up groggy she hadn't slept well, she kept wanting to turn her phone on and check to see if Xavier had replied. But she didn't, she hoped he had but also didn't want to feel the bitterness she would feel if he left her on read.

She glanced at her phone as she got up, but she walked into her bathroom and got ready for the day.

Deciding to keep it casual as she would do a lot of walking she dressed in a pair of black skinny jeans and a plain black t-shirt. She left her long waves down and did her signature cat eye liner before giving Rai a pet on the head and going downstairs.

Halfway down she remembered hr phone and went back to get it, she turned it on and stared at waiting for it to light up.

"Good morning!" Oriana's voice came from her usual chair in the living room.

"Morning Oriana, is Cass gone already?" Selena greeted her still staring at her phone.

She didn't think phones took this long to power on, the screen went black for a moment and she sighed. No message.

Just as she put away her phone into her jean pocket her phone buzzed and buzzed.

"Yes he has just left for the office." Oriana added, she watched Selena jump at her phone and smiled a knowing smile at her.

Her husband said that Xavier had bought a phone, they had tried for years to bring the demon into the twenty first century but he always told them he didn't need it as he could teleport faster.

Selena saw two names pop up on her phone, she opened up the messenger app and read Xavier's message first.

He had sent her three messages, two last night and one this morning, she let go of a breath she didn't realise she was holding.

'Anything I own is yours, Enjoy!'

'Sleep well, dream of me'

Those where the two texts from last night, she beamed and her cheeks turned a pale pink colour.

She read the last one which was sent this morning.

'Good morning beautiful, Have a wonderful morning and I will see you at lunch'

It was already a wonderful morning she thought to herself, she quickly sent a reply.

'Good morning Xavier, any requests for lunch?'

She felt butterflies in her stomach and she felt too nervous to reply with anything else.

She opened up Elijah's message.

'Tomorrow at 11, usual place?'

She sent him a quick reply, saying she would see him soon before she walked into the kitchen getting ready to prepare Xavier and Cass some lunch.