The Devil's Unrequited Love Book

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The Devil's Unrequited Love


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The Devil's Unrequited Love is a steamy friends to lovers romance with a male lead who's lost all his values, and the woman who helps him discover a new purpose in life. Prepare for hot romance, raw determination, love and a few twists a long the way. *Exert* The most beautiful part of our story is… I wasn't looking when I found you and in an instant, I fell. It was beautiful, there was no forcing chemistry. Just a pure and beautifully raw connection.' Xavier whispered. ________________________________________________ Xavier never told the love of his life how he felt and she died tragically in his arms. As a greater demon, he lived over a thousand years without her in anguish. Then one day he meets Selena, she has ancient healing powers just like his love had. She is fierce and feisty with a heart of gold. She reminds him in every way if his long lost love. But will she feel the same? Can he finally tell her his feelings? Will she accept his love or tell him to get lost? Their life with be full of highs and lows and some steamy romance scenes, with a war impending between humans and demons. Will Xavier finally get his love? ________________________________________________ Instagram: alexia_author Discord Channel https://discord.gg/VeHkknJ6A2 Mature content 18+ only Cover art is not mine, will take it down on request.