274 Not a chapter: The Devil who devoured Snow White


"The world is not a lovely place,  which is why we yearn for all the wonderful things it has to offer. This is what 'Fight for all that's beautiful in the world' stands for." - Lu Mengjie


Because of how intense the glow was as a shooting star passed by, people began making their wishes. They had no idea that even that star had once lost her way while travelling alone in the dark. She fell over and over again, each time rising back up and carrying on with her wounds. She continued to fly, doing her best to glide through the cold and lonely night.

One day, a tragic accident happened. Lu Mengjie woke up with no recollection of her identity or anyone around her. Without her memories, she was like a blank canvas. She woke up in an unfamiliar place, only to be filled with the curiosity of who she was... that was until the Devil from her past finally appeared.


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