The Devil's little Villainess

Jasper is one of the most formidable person of the country. However, no one knows how he looked nor what his real name was… But his last name is enough to send shivers down their spines. It is because in addition to the influence his family has in both the underworld as well as the political world, he is also known for his ruthlessness and genius…. However, on contrary to how the world pictured him, he ‘was' a sweet, kind and generous person with a romantic heart. But that heart belongs to only one woman in his life, whom he loved immensely ever since he was young…. Linda. But Fate had other plans for them and she disappeared without a trace, all of a sudden, taking his heart all along with her… With his heart stolen away from him, he no longer shared the same feelings with anyone else as he had with Linda. But after a long search, he finally discovered where his Linda is… However, it was too late. He came to realize that she is already in love with another person. ….. Linda is a kind, simple girl, with a pure heart but a naïve mind. She is a fallen queen of modeling industry, who willingly sacrificed everything for the person whom she loved. However, she is not destined to have a happy life, even after doing all this for the person she sacrificed for, who never truly loved her. While she was busy planning her happy future with him, that person had continued scheming, wondering how to use her in all the ways he could…. …….. Zhou Biyu, she is the only girl who had managed to become Jasper's close friend, in a little span of the time. Unlike other women who tried to climb on to his bed, she is some of the very few females who did not fall for him as soon as they met…. As time passed, Jasper truly started liking her as his friend and she was probably the only female friend who earned his trust and respect. However, Biyu is not someone who he thought was…. since the first day they met, she has been working with his enemies behind his back. She has been blackstabbing him on the name of friendship and family. She is not the angel he thought her to be… In fact, she is his own personal villainess. By the time she realized her mistakes and ascertained that she is in love with Jasper, the damage was already done and she has already done many unforgivable things. With only one chance to redeem her mistakes, she will deceive her own people and save him from the grave danger they had planned for him. Later, she was murdered by her people for betraying them. But just like their names, they are destined to be together. And she finds herself reincarnated in Linda’s body, the only woman whom Jasper loves the most…. With everything changed, will she redeem herself and take revenge for both herself and Linda….And cherish her time with Jasper? Or, does Fate have another plan for them that might test how true her love for Jasper is? …….. Join the love story of Jasper and Biyu, to find out how the badass villainess redeemed herself into his angel and took the revenge for both herself and his former love Linda. With the exciting mysteries and twists ahead in their future.... Experience the love, familial drama, trust, revenge and fun with this couple…along with unexpected turns. ...... Discord link https://discord.gg/3CC6KgK

Har_V · Urban
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236 Chs


Biyu's eyes widened and she skillfully defended herself at the exact instant. 

She couldn't help but realize that Linda's body is very flexible and agile than her previous body. 

Not only that, but it seems like even Linda is very well accustomed to the fighting skills. Her instincts and stability increased by a greater extent in this body. 

This can only happen if Linda is experienced in  doing all these. 

As soon as she escaped she swiftly turned around and tried to attack the person who previously held her. 

But she stopped as she saw who that person is….

It is none other than Lu Mingyu, her best friend who is also like a brother to her. 

Her natural instinct is to hug him, but she stopped herself when she remembered that this body is not of hers but Linda's. 

"Who are you and what are you doing here?" Mingyu asked as he escaped her first attack. 

But when he saw her face, he instantly recognized her as Linda. Biyu once asked him to investigate about Linda and they even stalked her. 

"How did you manage to come in here? How do you know the pass code" he asked with his guards totally up. 

The room she entered now is totally impossible to enter without entering the passcode, which is very complex and unique. 

"If I tell you the truth….even then you might not believe me Yu" Biyu called him using his nick name. 

Meanwhile Mingyu is really startled to listen his nickname which was only called by Biyu. 

"No one will believe me and they might even think that I am crazy" Biyu smiled sadly. "Just like how you sometimes think that your boyfriend Yuan is going crazy" she added. 

Mingyu's eyes widened in pure shock as he gaped at her. No one knows that he is a gay and that he has a boyfriend. 

Not even Su Jun and Su Ming knows about this boyfriend of him. Only Biyu knows because she helped them to patch up. 

And there is no way that she would have told about this to other person. Once she make a promise she would never ever tell it to anyone. 

Moreover, his boyfriend is not someone ordinary ….so, revealing about his sexuality would create a lot of trouble…

Biyu wouldn't dare to do that! 

"How….how… .do you know that?" Mingyu asked rather terrified than being surprised. 

"I know many things….I even know how you're are addicted to drugs before I and your boyfriend came into your life" Biyu said. She accidentally used the word 'I'. 

And of course Mingyu took notice of it, and his eyes widened even more.  Whatever this woman here is telling that was true. He is addicted to drugs before Yuan and Biyu stopped him. 

But why did this woman used the word 'I' as if she is Biyu. 

Could she be the real Biyu?? Because no one knows all these except for Biyu….not even his parents know about it. 

"Oops!! I just spilled some beans" Biyu clicked her tongue. 

"No…..no, this can't be possible. Biyu is dead and she would never tell this to anyone" Mingyu whispered to himself. 

"Until unless…..it is Biyu itself….No one can enter this house nor my office through a secret pass way, which only grandfather and I know" another voice came from behind. 

It is her cousin, Zhou Feng….

He somehow got to know about the secret pass way few days ago, his grandfather told only to Biyu. So, yesterday when she used it…..he somehow noticed it. 

So, this morning….he secretly followed her. And he couldn't help but get astonished again when she came to this suburbs. 

After Biyu died, he found out about this house of her and ever since then, he was keeping an eye on this house. 

Moreover, it took him and Mingyu almost a month to crack this passcode. But this woman here just entered it in blink of the eye. 

There is no way that Biyu would have told anyone about this house…..

 Even them, who are very close to her were unaware of this house till the last couple months. 

The next and foremost point is...the room she entered….it cannot be opened until unless it was Biyu itself. Because the code she is using as a pass code is very unique and different one that only she knows. 

"But Biyu is dead, Feng!! I couldn't understand how Linda knows about all these" Mingyu answered to Feng. 

"Miracles happen too…" this time Biyu spoke. 

By now, she knew that her brother Mingyu would have understood what was happening. Though they don't believe in reincarnation…..the facts here are crystal clear. 

"Miracle?!!" Mingyu asked. He believes in reincarnation because of his boyfriend Yuan. 

His boyfriend Yuan once told him that it is his second life and that he understood his mistake from his past life. 

He use to tell that, he came back from future and he don't want to hurt Mingyu ever again. 

Mingyu believed it because….Yuan would tell him some things that might happen in future and that things use to happen. 

So, did Biyu reincarnate into Linda's body?? 

It makes sense….