The Devil's Justice

Contemporary Romance
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What is The Devil's Justice

Read ‘The Devil's Justice’ Online for Free, written by the author Wendrila_Kundu, This book is a Contemporary Romance Novel, covering R18 Fiction, MYSTERY Light Novel, DARK Internet Novel, and the synopsis is: "You are mine, Estrellita. You have always been mine," he whispered to the night. "And I tend to take care of what belon...


"You are mine, Estrellita. You have always been mine," he whispered to the night. "And I tend to take care of what belongs to me. Especially when it comes to you." In the next instant, his lips met mine, drawing away the chill and replacing it with his warmth. The sensation of his skin against mine was like a fire, and my pussy throbbed, ignited with desire. I was stirred by the Devil's touch. I was twistedly aroused by the Devil. *** Silent Rivers. Silent Tears. Roaring Courage. In the tranquil town of LarksVille, a web of deceit, cruelty, and hidden wounds lies hidden. Anastasia, a brilliant and determined college student, becomes an unlikely saviour as she exposes tormentors who have terrorized Preston University for too long. Beneath the idyllic surface of this small, close-knit community, Anastasia peels back layers of secrets, betrayal, and long-held grudges, uncovering a haunting history of bullying that has shattered lives and left scars both seen and unseen. But when suddenly the hunter becomes the prey, who's going to save the hunter? They have only one clue. A common pattern. A cryptic message, "Devil." With every revelation, Anastasia inches closer to the truth, but she also draws nearer to the shadows that threaten to consume her. Yet, as Ana navigates through the complexities of justice, she finds herself entangled in a chilling game. A stalker, equally compelling and dangerously enigmatic, emerges from the shadows. Despite the alluring warmth of Lorenzo, Ana remains haunted by the chilling presence of the Devil, her relentless and fearsome stalker. Who is the "Devil"? A psycho killer with a mind of intelligence or a victim seeking revenge? If so, then who's next? As Anastasia finally confronts the darkness lurking in her community, another web of truth thrives. "The ending is only the beginning."

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