222 Intimate Way Of Comforting

Just as the two mates were indulging in a passionate kiss, someone was frozen just beyond the door, her eyes wide open as she witnessed the scene from the doorway.

The door of the chamber was left open as Draven was standing there a while ago. When Clio and Reya left the chamber, they did not bother to stand guard outside and left the hallway unattended. 

Isa got to know that Draven had gone to visit Ember, and thus, she thought it a good chance to go to meet her, thinking that with the King present there, that shameless Ember would not be able to send her away.

She found it a good chance to show how Ember wronged her in front of Draven. He had asked her to apologize to his mate, but though she planned to comply with his order, it was with the intention of creating more trouble for Ember. Apology would be nothing but a fake one. 

'But this...'


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