154 I Will Ask Him To Teach Me

After having eaten her lunch, Ember was quiet as she walked the hallway back to her chamber, her mind filled with complicated thoughts about the things she learned from Yula a while ago.​​ The moment she entered her chamber, she was welcomed by the sweet chirping sound of her pet, Ray. 

She walked towards the cage and saw the adorable little bird happily feasting on a small bowl of mixed grains. Once she saw her master, Ray lifted her head as if to imply she was finished eating. She hopped here and there in a silly dance before settling on the small tiny swing inside the cage.

"Finally, you are back?" Ember said as she sat on the window sill where the cage was kept. She remembered what the bird had done this morning and how she embarrassed her in front of the King. 

"You naughty, naughty bird. What am I going to do with you? How can you embarrass me in front of His Majesty? I am your master and the things I tell you should be secrets between us."


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