The Devil’s love

“The course of true love never did run smooth.” – William Shakespeare. The journey of love is never as smooth as silk. There are difficulties, ups and downs, bumps and humps.  Like most of the love stories, Mo Yichan and Yang Ning’s love story wasn’t smooth or easy. Initially it was difficult and rocky.  The CEO of Yang corporation, Yang Ning was a successful businesswoman. Growing up with unsupportive and unruly parents, Yang Ning was accustomed to being treated unfairly and poorly. The only person that she count on was her grandfather. The CEO of Mo corporation, Mo Yichan who was also known as the ‘ Devil CEO’ was one of the most successful businessmen. Losing his father at a very young age and his mother leaving him alone for some other man, Yichan grew up with his grandfather.  Being business rivals, Mo Yichan and Yang Ning hated each other.  What do you think will happen when these two cold and aloof people are forced to get married and live under the same roof by their grandparents?  Did they hate each other only because they were business rivals? Or did something happen in the past which forced them to seal their hearts and hate each other to the fullest?  Will the love between them ever be able to overpower the hatred that they have for each other?  ***** “ Hahahahaha look at you both fighting like a husband and wife.” Mr Hunshou said. Yichan smirked and said,” If you were my wife, I would add poison in your coffee.” Ning smiled and said,” And if you were my husband, I would drink it.” **** Few months later. In a charity auction. “ Hundred million.” Ning said. “ Two hundred million.” Yichan said before grinning at his wife. “ Three hundred million.” Ning said. “ Four hundred million.” Yichan said. “ Five hundred million.” Ning before leaning towards her husband,” If you let me win, I’ll be on top for a whole week.” Yichan raised his board and said,” Seven million.”  “ You-“ “ For two weeks.” Yichan said. Ning frowned and said,” Fine.” Before raising her board,” Seven hundred and one million.” *********** Follow me on Instagram: author_sofia05 Join my server: https://discord.gg/th8TmZr Send me a Ko-fi: ko-fi.com/sofia05 [P.S:The cover isn’t mine. :)]

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“Why? Why?.....Oh it’s because I don’t like you.”

Bruce came rushing towards them and gave both of them a tight hug.

" Aahhhh after so many days." Bruce said.

Ning chuckled and said," It's you who is always busy."

" Exactly." Meili said.

Pulling away, Bruce said," Fashion week is around the corner and you know how hectic it is."

" Master Bruce it's a pleasure to meet you." Mangsha butted in and said.

Bruce fronwed and asked," Who are you? If you are here to ask for a chance to walk in my show then I am sorry because we are already full."

" Ahh Bruce don't say that. You are going to break my little sisters heart this way. She is definitely here to ask for a golden opportunity from you." Ning said.

" But babe there isn't any vacant place now." Bruce said.

" You can add her in the substitute list then." Meili said.

" That is full too." Bruce said.

Ning gasped and said," Mangmang I am so sorry but I cannot help you with this."

Mangsha frowned and said," Who asked for your help?"

" Why are you being rude? I was just trying to help." Ning said.

" You think I don't know what you are trying to do? You are trying to humiliate me." Mangsha said.

Looking at her with teary eyes, Ning said," What are you saying little sister? Humiliate you? I am your elder sister and as your elder I was trying to help you secure a walk in Bruce's upcoming fashion show. I am helping you not humiliating." Before weeping loudly.

Looking around when Yang Mangsha saw people staring at them, she frowned and said," Stop it elder this."

Everyone knew about the conflicts between the two Yang sisters but most of them thought highly of Yang Ning as she was a strong and independent woman unlike Yang Mangsha who was still leaching off her father's wealth.

Side hugging Meili who was silently weeping with her head lowered, Bruce said," You-what do you think about yourself? Ning was trying to help you yet you dare slander her, that also inside my store? Get out of here before I ask someone to kick you out."

" No Bruce it isn't her fault." Meili said.

" See, she is still taking your side and you- get out." Bruce shouted.

Tightening her grip around her bag, Mangsha left the store.

As soon as the crowd around them disappeared, Bruce chuckled and said," You are still such a bitch."

Ning chuckled and said," Well, time has taught me to be one so it isn't really my fault."

" Now tell me what both of you are doing here?" Bruce asked.

" We are here to buy a sexy lingerie for Mei." Ning said.

" What do you want from Guiren this time?" Bruce asked before gesturing his employee something.

" It's for a deal but I just want to know their numbers this time." Ning said.

Just then the employee came forward along with a sexy piece of lingerie.

" Recent one. Your husband is going to love it." Bruce said.

" We will take this piece then." Ning said before taking out her card.

" No need to pay, take it as a gift from my side." Bruce said before winking at Meili.


Outside the mall.

" Elder sister." Yang Mangsha shouted.

Ning sighed and said," Look, I don't have time for this. I have a really important meeting so let's continue this next time okay?"

" Why do you always do this? Why do you hate me so much?" Yang Mangsha asked.

Ning pouted her lips and said," Okay, hmm let me think. Why? Why?.....Oh it's because I don't like you." Before unlocking her car.

" And, I don't hate you because hating you will require a lot of energy and I don't want to waste my energy on you or your scumbag boyfriend." Ning said before boarding her car.

" You-" but before Mangsha could say anything, Ning drove out of the parking lot along with Meili.



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