The Demon Lord and his Hero (BL)

When Demon Lord, Syryn Nigh'hart, found that he had gone back in time and turned into his child self, he had assumed to do better with his second life - commit smaller crimes, keep away from burning villages and inciting other demons, contribute to society, abide by most laws, you know? But then the hero, his old friend, had to fall in love with him and ruin his plans. "Goddess, I cannot take responsibility for your champion, Rowan Windwalker, getting bent. Please don't strike me down!" _______ #This story can get sus af (adults in kids' bodies forgetting their age or more like author forgetting it T^T) and is set in a fantasy world with different morals so please suspend your modern sensibilities and bear with the bull$hit. I can't with more comments throwing shade. I already know and I regret it so staph. #Characters are damaged and carry psychological baggage.Their relationships won't all be happy and lovey dovey till they've healed mentally # After like 150 chapters - Angst and Emotional damage.Your mental health may decline as the characters' mental health decline #Trigger warning for mentions of child abuse #World building #Demon Lord (shou/uke) is a shameless FLIRT#The Hero(gong/seme) is an extremely patient man for putting up with the demon lord's nonsense #Gay and sassy #Reformed and immature demon lord (but he's nice now okay. He isn't a psycho.) # MULTIPLE POTENTIAL LOVE INTERESTS I'm begging you please dont fall for the other guy cause some readers do be crying. Second male lead syndrome is real. #Slow burn Romance #Patience is needed#The cat is NOT the ML pls don't ask about the cat ಥ‿ಥ some of you are getting the wrong idea.#If You're commenting under the chapters, avoid using these words (harem, BL, porn, sex, lmao, sh*t, b*tch) that webnovel is blocking even though my book is rated 17+ ______________________________________________ Disclaimer: Cover art belongs to the original artists. If you're the artist, please let me know so I can credit/take down the image.

winterblossom · LGBT+
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385 Chs

Welcome back

To say that Magnus was baffled was an understatement. One moment Lucien's emotions seemed reasonably self-contained and the next he had an arm full of the redhead in tears.

He cast desperate glances at Riha and Enkansh who had arrived somewhere around the time Lucien began to have his 'moment'. The sea-dwelling creatures furtively looked between them. This was quickly followed with their beating a hasty retreat back to their rooms. The sheer cowardice displayed by his housemates had Magnus gaping at the door after their escape. 

"Hey," he murmured when it was obvious that help would not be forthcoming from his housemates, awake or otherwise. Magnus hadn't comforted a crying friend in what seemed like a hundred years. "I've got some food and wine."