29 Just treat it as cosplay, I guess?

"The festival will still be held?"

Zia slammed the table in the sitting room of the guest quarter where we decided to converge this time. Her purple eyes were blown wide in excitement, and her already pink skin turned even pinker, as if glowing.

When Natha give her confirmation, she even started to jump all over the room, taking Angwi's hands and swaying them joyfully.

What the hell was this festival that got her so excited?

"It's not really that special," Natha told me. "It's just that she hasn't been out for so long ever since she ran away from home, so she's been looking forward to this event so much. But it almost gets canceled three months ago, so hearing that it will still be held must be a cheering thought."

"Almost canceled? Why?"

My question was being answered by Zia's excited blabber, however. "Ahh...I really thought there won't be any after I heard about Lord Wrath's death..." she sighed wistfully, and I coughed out my herbal tea.


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