1 The Start

"She would be alright, have patience." stated the doctor.

"It's been a month, she isn't talking to anyone, neither she came out of her room." Said Mr.Sid.

"It's not easy for her to overcome from a trauma like this, trust me time will heal her."

"But we can't see her in this condition, this breaks our heart, she is our daughter." said Mrs.Sid.

"Mrs.Sid I know it's not easy for you to see your daughter in this way, I totally understand your condition but..." doc stated.

"She is strong, don't worry she will be alright." Mr.Sid tried to console his dear wife who broke out in tears.


In the Sid mansion, as Mr. and Mrs. Sid arrived, they saw their elder daughter, Sid Yang, sleeping on the couch, while a book hang in her hand.

Someone hug them from back.... it was, Sid Xau, their youngest son.

"Dad I can't see my sis in this way, when will she be alright? I want my sister back" he exclaimed before bursting out in tears

"Your sister is strong, she will be alright soon." said as he patted is son's head trying to console his son.


Next day at the City hospital,

Mrs. and Mr.Sid were impatiently waiting outside the ward to which their daughter was taken hours ago.

Later in the evening in the doc cabin,

"Sigh... Mr.Sid the reports are normal but the trauma had effect her too much, and she has no will to get up. It's up to her now" doctor said.

"What do mean by no will to get up…" from the corner of the room came a voice of a teenager with eye-catching features from brown hazel eyes to the jet black hairs to the jaw line in a simple word 'perfectly handsome' boy.

"She does not want to live, it's normal for this kind of patients, but if she doesn't wake up soon there are chances of her going in coma..."

As the doctor completed his sentence, the boy ran out of the room to the garden for some fresh air.


Week later,

Sid Xau took a deep breath before entering the room where his sister was. The room was dim as the only light source was from the narrow spaces of the curtains set at the window. Sid Xau sat at the edge of the bed while holding the cold hand of his sister who was sleeping on the plain white hospital bed, like a sleeping beauty.

Sid Xau carefully examined his sister's face which as plain as paper, as if it has no life. The bronze skin of hers looked like it was kissed by the sun itself.

"Zou Mi, you surely are a thing, just look outside, so many people are worried about you and look at you 'sleeping beauty' though you are nowhere near to her, heheh" he laughed sadly and continued...

"Look I'm crying make fun of me, getup and make tea for me, Zou Mi where is my t-shirt, Zou Mi where..." he chocked on his words as his voice turned horse and fell on to his knees while still holding her hand.

"Zou Mi you always protected me, you always kept me first in everything, even at the time of birth you let me enter the world 5mim before you. You are my knight, my sister, my best friend. At least for dad, mum, for YangYang, for Chen, Bai for me.... for our friendship please getup. What am I supposed to do without your guiding, only I know how I have been living from the past one month without getting a beating from you, without seeing your smile. I would die without you..."

Before he complete his sentence the hand he was holding tighten its grip. Sid Xau whose head was hanging down, looked up and met with her beautiful jet black yet captivating eye's and her rosy lips moved and a horse voice was heard.


The voice he was dying to hear for the past months, finally, it was as pleasant as music to his ears.

"ZouMi, thank God you're finally up, wait let me call the doc…"

Loud voice's calling doctor Lin echoed in the silent corridor of hospital. All the nurses, doc, everyone rushed towards the source of voice as doctor Lin entered the room he was pull by the bedside, and saw the latter was finally up after a month and a half and the loud voice was nothing but the excitement, relief, happiness of the 3 teenage boys, as for finally their source of happiness have woken up.

Doctor Lin smiled and escorted the boys out to run a few tests on the patient.

Mr. and Mrs. Sid rushed to the hospital as they got to know their precious daughter have finally woke up. The happiness was seen through their eyes.

They entered into the room what greeted them was 3 teenagers standing by the bedside and feeding ZouMi. Mrs.Sid burst in to tears as she could not control it for a bit longer.

Mrs. Sid left the room followed by Mr.Sid, they didn't have the courage to face their daughter, as what to be said or what to do they couldn't understand. Just then a warm pair of hands were wrapped around their shoulder and tapped.

"Mum, Dad, she needs you the most, we have to be strong."

As the couple entered the room they chatted with their daughter who gave them no response.

Hour later police came up to investigate and interrogate.

"ZouMi the policeman wants to speak to you."

Just then a voice of something breaking was heard.


"Get out, I don't wanna talk, just GEEETTT OUTT…" ZouMi screamed on top of her lungs, when she saw policeman coming near her, and started throwing, whatever came in her hand.

"ZouMi calm down, please just let them ask you some questions…"

"NOO, JUST GO AWAY… GO." Following this ZouMi passed out, and collapsed.

"Sir, we are sorry, but you need to wait for a long, till she accepts the reality. She is not in a good state to ask. I request you not to come again, if not she will be in danger." The doctor said, while checking ZouMi.

ZouMing's brain burst out, as the shocking incident came back to her mind along with the policemen, which caused her a severe mental breakdown, and also damaged one of her brain nerve's, and was rushed to the operation theater.

After 6 hours the light of the operation theater turned off, which felt as if a year has passed, for the Sid family.

"Her brain nerves have weakened and one of the nerve just burst out, which was connected to her legs. I'm sorry, she may not be able to walk and is in a vegetative state, she may wake up or may be not, so you decide to keep the oxygen cylinder or..."

With a THUG, Mrs. Sid fell on the ground, bursting into tears. This news was terrific for the entire Sid family, and the three teens.

From the corner of the corridor, a voice came, "Don't you even dare to do that." Mr.Sid's voice was low, but that send chill down the doc spine.

The precious daughter of his, was in this state and the doc dare to say that, right in front of him. He is her dear father, after all. The feeling of not having his daughter around him was suffocating him already. He still would be able to see her.

Mr.Sid entered into the room, seeing his daughter lying unconscious on the bed, made him uncomfortable and blamed himself for not protecting her properly. He walked to the bed, stood for quite sometime, and then bend down a little, kissing ZouMi's forehead and said, "Dada, is really sorry, don't punish me more, I'm already too old…" a drop of tear fell from his eye on ZouMi's forehead.

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