14 Nine Suns Demonic Body

As Thomas close to the Sky Sector where the rich used to live, his eyes searched through the crowd before finding familiar faces.

In one of the huge mansions, four middle-aged men were the owner of the massion wearing a pale white suit, urged the workers on. "Hurry, hurry and move those things so you can go take a break and eat lunch. We should go eat some food too"

"Mister, don't rush. You know this type of furniture is extremely valuable and we can't afford to damage it!" A truck was parked by the private lawn as the workers carried a huge wooden piano.

Since trees are mostly extinct and until now it was nearly impossible to grow wood on Mars, anything that was made with wood in these days are extremely valuable and expensive, especially such a piano made with wood. It is a luxury item which belong to few.

Because, all the humans live in cities. There are very few places to plant trees, and most of trees are for decoration. Although there are many trees outside the city, many monsters are there too. The price for lumber is extremely high, since you will have to fight monsters to get it.

Most people's furnitures these days are made out of bio plastic, while some of the better ones are made out of artificial wood.

A normal family wouldn't be able to afford true wood, so artificial wood or bio plastic were the better choices. On the same side of the street, a couple rich kids were walking together while hearing some music.

The transport company 's workers carefully moved the heavy piano from the truck to the ground just in time for the worker on the left spilled into one of the youths that was pushed by his friend and dropped the piano down, breaking one of his legs .

"Hey, what is going on?" A voice of anger rose.

"Mister Weston." The workers looked at the group of youths and then at the client, they didn't know what to do.

The owner of the massion, Mr. Weston Kyle was angrily pointing at the piano. "Hey kids where do you think you are going ?! Don't you see the piano you broke? This is a pure Rosewood, which was bought from Earth. One piece of such wood would cost around five hundred thousand dollars, can you pay that?!!"

Before he could continue, the group of youths immediately ran away pushing hi, a young man had his face turn pale. Rodrigar who was here to play with his friends of him immediately stood on the spot, unlike his friends of him who all came from rich families his own family did not have that much.

His mother is a teacher at a middle school in the lower side of the city while his father oversees the production of meat in the bio farm west of the city. In fact it was because one of them was pushed to the side that this happening, and new they are ran away and left him behind.

"Mister, there is no need for that. He is just a kid." One of the workers bowed to the middle-aged man, but it did nothing to appease his anger.

"Yes, mister I am really sorry." Rodrigar who was really afraid of what was going to happen immediately asked for forgiveness despite the fact he wasn't even the one who broke the piano.

"Don't try to argue with me!" Weston rose his right leg were like lightning and kicked both the worker and Rodrigar on the stomach. Weston frowned and waved to his bodyguards. "Since your friends let you behind, they you will pay for their mistakes together with the transport company. Nielson, let your guys teach them a lesson so they'll be quiet."

Rodrigar's face was even more pale as the body guards surrounded him and the middle-aged workers, and were about to beat them when a hand came out of nowhere and blocked the punch that was aimed at Rodrigar.

"Cousin, misters, are you alright?" Thomas helped his cousin stand up before going helping the other workers. He saw everything that happened, and if it wasn't for his own thing to be in this situation he wouldn't even bother do to anything. But now ...

One of the bodyguards who was short and fat laughed coldly as he stepped up and kicked another worker down, pressing his fat feet on his back.

Thomas didn't even spare him a look, orange marks seemed to appear on the surface of his skin for nothing more than a second, and then all the body guards were thrown away by an invisible force.

"My cousin had not done anything to your piano. If you wish for compensation go look for the family of the youths who just ran way, I have their names and address." When he said that, he sent a list directly from his phone to Weston's before told the workers to call their company as he pulled Rodrigar who was staring at him in daze.

Weston did not seem to care about them leaving as he seemed to in deep thought, his eyes also showed hints of amusement. After getting up, the body guards returned to Weston.

"Boss what should we do now?"

"Nothing. Let them leave, I must look for something first." Instead of returning to the mansion, Weston sent his son a text, saying he was going to stay the night at work before taking the car to the outside of the city.

He followed the road until it stopped by an abandoned building. He entered the building and walked down the stairs leading to deep in the underground.

A giant metal door with 80cm thickness was before his eyes, he took an old broke key and used it to open the door.

What was presented before his eyes was a pool of lava and a massive creature with huge crimson horn, golden eyes and a pair of bone wings was immersed in the lava.

"Master." Weston knelt down.

"What is it, Weston? It isn't like you to come meet me in the morning." The creature spoke in mountrous yet enchanting voice.

"I know Master, but this matter can't wait. I found it, the special body we have been looking for, it appeared in a mortal's body." Weston got up, his eyes changed into a pair of vertical white pupils, his hair was still black while a pair of ink black bone wings extended out of his back.

"Really?" A hint of excitement appeared in the big crimson creature's eyes making the lava around his body so hot that it started to evaporate.

"Yes, The Nine Suns Demonic Body. With it master can finally surpass the ranks of Noble Demons and become a Royal. When it happens we can finally take over this physical plane."

"Good, good. Go back now and look for anything you can about the host of the Nine Suns Demonic Body. I want to know everything!"

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