59 Association's Auction

Katherine pondered for a moment then replied. "Fine, it is an interesting piece but there is no need for my help. The Association is hosting an auction at the end of the week. You can go anything of the day if you want to put your saber on the auction."

"Thanks, I will look into it later." The only thing he wanted was to further improve his experience by forging a variety of weapons. Of course, if it ends up bringing him money then it's just a matter of profits. And with the price he had seen on all the equipment, he hoped to make lots of money through this.

Storing away the saber for safekeeping, Thomas and Katherine parted way as he continued on his to the association. On the way, he came across several police officers he had met him on duty and other fellow adepts who called out to him respectfully by 'Adept Ries'.

In return, Thomas would greet them as well.

With all the incidents he had been into It was bound for his name to spread across the city's circle of adepts. As a 3-star adept in the same teams as stars such as the flame Empress and the Tigress Katherine Shade, people were already starting to notice him.

Especially when he's been so active the past days.

Looking tall building in front of him, Thomas went into a side alley and quickly put on a white mask on his face.

In order to avoid unnecessary trouble, Thomas could only choose to hide himself. Well, It was said to be a mask, yet it only covered a little of his face and left eye leaving the rest open.

[Alert: 2 females have been successful impregnated with the help of the Aura of Fertility. 2 attribute points acquired!]

A familiar notification appeared in the corner of his eyes, yet, Thomas was unfazed. He was already used to it so he wouldn't be surprised anymore and would simply act as if nothing happened.

However, being an store-bought item, it was not something as simple as that.

[Shalivar's Mask] Mortal Rank 1 (Grade 5)

Passive Effect: Messes with the perception of others, making it impossible to recognize the user through its face, voice and body.

Truth be told, he didn't plan on hiding in identity since he couldn't hide from the association to sell his item, but at least it could protect him from attracting attention.

Once he made sure the mask was working, Thomas went into the Building.

Looking at all the staff at the reception, Thomas carefully hold onto the saber and approached.

Walking up to the reception, the male at the desk shot a look at the saber Thomas brought with him and said. "Mister Adept, here to bring something to the Auction? Go to the 25th, the first door to the left."

"Thanks." Thomas carried the saber with him to the elevator. Inside the association building's 25th floor was Dexia City's auction house built by the association in partnership with the Lawson Family.

Until now he only heard stories about it, but seeing it with his own eyes was very different. Here is where adepts all around the city would sell their findings, old equipement they didn't want anymore, techniques and other precious things such as monster blood, demonic beast bones as well items from the Association Market.

The Lawson family was extremely influential force only second to the Kyle group here in Dexia City. They are a family known for their artisans capable of creating the best lightweight-battle suits of all the alliance. And here is one of the few places when one could buy one of their armors.

As soon as Thomas entered the house, he felt a strong pressure fell down on him. He couldn't even guess how many strong people were in this floor.

Sweeping through the fancy hall at the center, Thomas quickly found the first room on the left. On the door which led to a corridor with over ten rooms, with the words 'Inspection Room 1', 'Inspection Room 2' and so on.

Walking inside the Inspection Room 7, the room was quite empty and only a man in his forties sat there while playing some game on his wrist computer. Hearing the door open, the man raised his head. Upon seeing Thomas, his expression which was filled with boredom changed to a professional smile: "Sir, do you plan on having something inspected for this week's auction?"

"Yes." Thomas laughed inside when seeing the man's fake smile then brought forth his saber and placed on the desk in front of the middle aged man.

Thomas walked up and placed Black Sting on the desk in front of the middle aged man.

"This is... Black Iron?" Looking confused, the middle aged man carefully picked up the saber. The expression on his face immediately changed and when he looked back at the at Thomas. "Mister, was it you who found this?"


"Could I ask why there are traces of energy inside it? What does it do?" Hearing that he was dealing with an alchemist, the middle aged man asked with even more respect.

"I didn't have that much time with it, but I can say it has a chance of projecting an energy field during battle to protect the wielder."

"Oh? It projects an force field?" Hearing Thomas words, the expression on the middle aged man changed. Despite there being tools that can project energy fields, they all need to be constantly feed energy in order to keep it working. Having an weapon with this sort of functionality was simply unheard of since it would make the weapon itself a lot weaker in terms of combat.

"Oh and there is no need to recharge it or anything like side effects. It's just a weapon." As if he could read his thoughts, Thomas then explained.

After a few moments inspecting the saber, his expression changing once more, and he place the saber back in the desk before he respectfully asked: "Mister, could you wait for a second? I need to ask the chief inspector about something."

"Fine by me." Thomas sat on a chair and waved with his hand.

The man quickly nodded and hurriedly left the room. Thomas spent the next minutes

After waiting in the room for a little while, he returned with a woman in a dark red set of battle armor and grey hair.

"Mister, this is our Chief Inspector Han. She's a 2-star Elite Adept and the chief inspector of the Association's auction house!" The middle aged man respectfully introduced the old woman. On the woman's ordinary face was an ever present arrogance, something that all high-level adepts shared in common.

Hearing the identity of the elder, Thomas nodded internally.

Despite her frail looking body, she did have a profound aura about her which made it to see the depth of her powers. She certainly was an experienced Adept and even though the armor seemed simple, there were traces of energy surging from several gemstones incrusted on her armor.

Obviously, this battle armor was powered by those gemstones, or Thomas should say Animanium Cores.

Adept Han swept her eyes over the desk then picked up the Black Sting…

With the saber in her hands, the Chief Inspector gently caressed the body of the weapon then she had her wrist computer run an scan...

Once the scan was done, she gathered a mouthful of energy on her left hand and brought it to the saber in a swift attack.

Bang, Bang, Bang!

The inspector attack the saber three times. The first two showed no reaction, but the second her energy fell onto the saber a third time, she felt that a strand of her anima energy had flowed into the saber uncontrollably.


A burst of energy and a bright red light surged in the room, the middle aged man had to cover his eyes to protect himself.

The light soon quieted down and a beautiful crescent moon-shaped light red shield was floating in front of Chief Inspector Han and Thomas before it dispersed.

Staring where the energy shield had been a second ago, there was an indescribable feeling on her heart.

Immediately, Inspector Han's calm face changed into a serious expression. Moments later, she let go of the saber.

When her eyes laid upon Thomas again, her arrogant face had a small trace of respect. "Everything that was said before is true! In terms of quality and hardness, its similar to an Animanium Blade HG-31 for two and three star Adepts. An HG-31 goes for 125.000 credits, if we are to consider its special function, then the minimum price for this piece is 200.000."

Once she had nothing more to say, Inspector Han left the room to Thomas and the Middle-aged man.

Hearing the evaluation of his boss, the middle aged man let out a relieved sigh: "Mister, do you plan puting this saber on Auction?"

"It's for this I came here after all."

"Then its decided. You can leave your item in our care, the auction will be in five days." The middle aged man smiled while handing an metal horned-lion badge.

"Okay." Taking the badge, Thomas didn't waste any more time and left immediately since he didn't want to risk even with his mask on.

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