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The Deceitful One


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With the advent of steam power, mankind has advanced and ushered in the industrial revolution. This is the age of steam locomotives, automatons, guns, and cannons, as well as curses, magic, artifacts, and the occult. Hidden in the shadows are a group of extraordinary people who wield enormous power and strange abilities that normal people cannot even begin to comprehend. They are known as Transcendents! Bryan, a wily thief with a penchant for mischief, lost his parents at a very young age and was forced to live on the streets. That is until his whole life turned around when he was shown the Path to becoming a Transcendent. The Theft Path specializes in deceit and illusions. It can steal everything under the heavens. Even the powers, thoughts, and lives of others. Follow Bryan on his journey through this dangerous and treacherous world as he steals from gods and robs the mortals. This is the story of The Deceitful One. *** My novel has a steampunk world setting, so expect a lot of steam-powered technology as well as retro-looking futuristic inventions. Furthermore, there will be churches, secret organizations, and cults. So if you're a fan of LotM—which I have taken inspiration from btw—you will definitely like my novel. Also, this is my first attempt at writing a novel so you might find some mistakes here and there. Just know that I'm constantly trying to improve. Cheers! *** https://discord.gg/ZwFUa2zM


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