The Days of Being in a Fake Marriage with the CEO
novel - Contemporary Romance

The Days of Being in a Fake Marriage with the CEO

Aromatic Peach Blossoms

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What is The Days of Being in a Fake Marriage with the CEO

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No one is optimistic about the marriage between the most respectable man in Yun Cheng and the most disfavored daughter of the Mu family. Their poor impression of the female protagonist — a meek, ugly, and underachieving college student — had them surmising that her husband would eventually divorce her. Mu Huan: I don't know if we'll get a divorce, but my married life has me returning home to piping hot meals, being chauffeured everywhere, and having a professor for my tutor. My happiness probably started when I met you, the perfect man who brought me to see more of this world and led me to such a wondrous life, during the toughest time of my life.

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This is a great book !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wonderful read!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!'!!!!!!!!!!!’!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I am very impressed by the build up of the character of the heroine. Her struggle with her family and the indirect ençounters with her husband form a good and gripping story


This was hard to read. There was no common sense anywhere. For starters the FL granny is being held captive in the family hospital and is being used as a hostage (she’s in a coma) but the crazy family tortures her to get the FL to bend to their will. I hate these kind of novels because where I’m from, we have this thing called the police. You can’t just hold someone’s grandmother captive and then threaten them. I know books are fiction, but come on. There’s also the fact that she’s married to a wealthy powerful man....who she doesn’t even use to get her granny back. By chapter 50, the novel was shaping up a bit better. Idk, might go back, might not. On a slightly unrelated note, I’m thankful for this new trial period on novels. Instead of blindly voting on a synopsis that is usually misleading, we get to read 40 chapters for free to come to a conclusion on whether this is something that might be popular.


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This novel is horrible and extremely frustrating. I could not bear to keep reading so I dropped it. If someone that is being threathened and abused all her life and blackmailed with another persons life does not seek help then she is completely stupid. Her husband is extremely powerfull and can easily help her and yet she never goes to him for help. There are also a bunch of plot holes and things that do not make any sense in this novel. Truly a waste of my time this was. I am left extremely frustrated after reading this. I recommend you to skip this nonsense so you do not end up like me.


This book isn't my cup of tea. I really can't understand FL. She solves everyone's problems but can't solve her own problems 😑😑. I can't read this book😑😑.


I don’t think this novel deserves to be translated. Just like all of the other novels that follow this trope, it is doomed to fail. I don’t like the ML just from reading these 60 chapters. I’ve MTL’d a bit further and hate both the ML and his friends. Honestly, why do people vote for this overused plot that is highly uninteresting? I question their tastes.


This novel is frustrating. Everything seems quite normal until ML’s ex comes up. ML family also keeps pushing ML to his ex. So frustrating. :(


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Honestly I can't remember what that book was all about. I didn't even finish it the reason may be that something happened that pushed me away or the book became boring at some point with the typical cn novel repetitive plot. (Like seriously many are the same stories with different characters lol) not going to give a negative review on the translation since it's good :)


This story is interesting and I totally recommend this novel to be picked. FL and ML are husband and wife but haven’t truly gotten to know each other. There seem to be a bit mystery , schemes surrounding both of their lives. I can’t wait for it to be revealed. I see the writer tries so hard to reveal some of the mysteries but it doesn’t happen. I think they both are interested in each other but just hasn’t realized it. The FL paternal family are purely evil 😈 and I want them to suffer because of all the pain FL had suffered and is still suffering.


This upcoming story is also quite interesting 🕵️. Even though it's a common plot of substitute marriage with age difference still the twist are very good and keep you on your toes. Infact it's hilarious and the same time nail biting. I really hope this story will be updated soon


I love this book. and i want to gift this book but don't know how. please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! me.


Not this is the bull I take about but I not in the bad way the good way the way that makes u feel like u in the book man I was to close the throwing my phone the few times I got mad .


i like this book (not to mention there’s no rape) i think it’s a slow burn story but i really love the FL personality while the ML will eventually realize it’s her😂


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La historia es muy buena pero podría ser mejor si la traducción fuese un poco más específica, sin embargo es entendible y agradable al momento de pasar un rato leyendo.


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Thorughly enjoyed reading the novel. Having read lots of other romance of all shape and form this felt particularly fun yet having a light feeling that meld well with the drama it presented. It would be much apprciated if this were translated and not dropped!


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