1 Ronaldo's Brother(edited)

His head thundering. Licardo rubbed his temple and looked numbly at the young face in the mirror.

Seeing a face with some typical Asian elements, dark eyes, dark hair, and yellowish skin. But there are also some Latin American characteristics, such as cheekbones and lips.

In general, you can use one word to evaluate it: handsome. When he laughed, there was a smell of sunshine. Height, about 1.8 meters up and down. Well, reborn, Licardo accepted this reality in a complicated mood. Prior to his rebirth, he was Chinese and his last name was Li Cado.

The reason he was called this name was that his father worshipped Brazilian star Kaka madly. Under the influence of his father, he received football training since he was a child, and is a bit talented. When he grew up, he embarked on a professional path. His position on the field was a forward and he was a marginal international star.

The highlight of his career was in the 2034 World Cup group stage. At the age of 28, he came off the bench to help the Chinese team score a goal and achieved the only victory for the Chinese team in that World Cup.

By the way, in the Italian Serie B in the 2033-2034 season, he scored 24 goals for Florence, becoming the Serie B's top scorer for that season, helping Purple Lily return to the first league. It was also because of that performance that he was selected by the national team coach at the last minute and began his only World Cup tour.

Besides that, he had no convincing performance. Otherwise, he would not have been just a marginal international star. In the 2038 World Cup, the Chinese team historically reached the top 16. However, at the age of 32, due to injuries, he was in stagnating and became a substitute in Verona. Even in the national team, he was not selected.

Two years later, in 2040, at the age of 34, his contract expired. He did not choose to renew his contract with Verona. Instead, he was preparing to return to China, and return to where he began his journey. But his flight had an engine failure.

After a long, seemingly endless fall, he heard a loud noise, all nirvana in the fire, and then he woke up

Now the body that he is in is named Licardo Nazario Da Lima. Born on the summer solstice of June 22, 1986, just after turning 16 years of age, he is young and jealous. His father's name is Nelio Nazario de Lima. He's an ordinary worker. He's also a drunk and has a bad temper. His mother's s name is Li Mei, a Chinese immigrant, whose gentle and beautiful. Wait, um, there's no need to keep tabs on the elderly, and there was a time when she leaned on the door and laughed because she was unemployed. At that time, Nelio often patronized her business. When Nelio and his ex-wife Sonia Nazario divorced, he married Li Mei, a Chinese woman 12 years younger than him.

This body also seems to have the a highly fit body with an extremely insane football talent, currently playing for a Brazilian giant, the youth team of the Sao Paulo club.

Okay ... these are not the point. The point is ... Licardo has two half-brothers, one is Nerinho, and the other is ... Ronaldo Luiz Nazario da Lima.Yeah, that Ronaldo!

Licardo passed out with excitement. He became Ronaldo's brother! That alien Ronaldo!一

He always believed that Ronaldo was the greatest star on the planet, and he was re-elected to the World Footballer continuously at the age of 20 and 21. At this age, ordinary players are still waiting for opportunities in the reserve team, and Ronaldo has already soared in the top giants and is admired by countless people. The double-star shining Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo are also very strong. Licardo believes that they are the limits that football players on this planet can reach, like Bailey and Maradona.

But Ronaldo does not belong to this planet! He is an alien!

Licardo collected all the video clips of Ronaldo's games. For many nights, he sat in front of the computer with his eyes open, watching, learning, and imitating over and over again, deeply intoxicated by the obsessive rhythm.

In his opinion, Ronaldo cannot be imitated or surpassed, there is only one alien. That combination of power, speed, and skill, no one on this planet can surpass.

If it wasn't for an injury, Ronaldo might have won the honors of no one before and no one behind, breaking records one after another. Unfortunately, two serious injuries during his time at Inter Milan have completely transformed him from alien into a mortal. Perhaps God also thought that it would be unfair for an alien to compete with the earth, so Ronaldo suffered such an injury.

Now it 's September 2002. According to the trajectory of events, Ronaldo should have returned from an injury and won his second World Cup title. He also just transferred to Real Madrid and won the La Liga title the following year. Although he never showed the peak dominance over all football players, he is still one of the most efficient forwards in the world.

But ... Licardo opened his mouth in surprise. In his memory, he had just extracted something that shocked deeply. Ronaldo did not leave Inter Milan in the summer transfer window to join Real Madrid! No, not only that! History has also changed again!

In the French summer of 1998, Ronaldo did not behave abnormally! After Zidane scored two headers to help the French team lead by 2-0, Ronaldo, who just turned 22, led the Brazilian team to counterattack and miraculously scored twice in the last 3 minutes, dragging the game into overtime, And created a penalty in the overtime, the captain Dunga penalized the ball, the Brazilian team defended successfully!

That summer, Ronaldo won his second World Cup championship! And World Cup Golden Boot! And in a just few months, he also won his personal third World Footballer title!More than that! In the 98-99 season, Ronaldo did not suffer serious injuries. Although he did not play well due to the relationship between the FIFA virus, he still scored 18 goals in the league to help Inter Milan get the third in Serie A.

In the 00-01 season, Ronaldo and Vieri formed a striker combination that made the entire Serie A Scared. He played 48 times and scored 47 goals in various fronts this season. In the Serie A, he won the golden boots with 29 goals. Led Inter Milan in defending the Serie A championship and the team in entering the Champions League semi-finals. He harvested his fifth world footballer award at the end of 01! In the 01-02 season, Ronaldo continued his high performance and scored 56 goals throughout the season. Although he missed the Serie A championship and lost the Champions League in the final, he scored 9 goals in the just-concluded World Cup, almost leading Brazil to win the World Cup for the third time in a row, surpassing the achievements of his predecessor, Pele. !!

At the end of the World Cup, Real Madrid offered a sky-high price of 85 million euros for Ronaldo, who was just 26 years old, at the peak of Ronaldo, but Ronaldo himself refused. "I want to win a Champions League trophy with the team," Ronaldo showed his trademark rabbit teeth in an interview. "Morati treated me like a biological son, and this is the only thing I can do for him."

Oh my god, a healthy Ronaldo who hasn't experienced serious injuries! He is simply the omnipotent deity on the football field!

Licardo was so excited that he wanted to scream! And he's my half-brother! Licardo quickly pulled out the brick-like Ericsson mobile phone in the drawer, found Ronaldo's mobile phone number in the address book, and dialed in. He looked at the time. It was 5 pm in São Paulo and the local time in Italy should be around 9 pm. Since it was not a match day, Ronaldo should be able to answer the phone. After a few beeps, Ronaldo's voice echoed in the receiver: "Licardo?"

Licardo almost fainted with happiness! His brain blank. While stuttering, "Da, Dada (this is the family's nickname for Ronaldo), how are you doing?" Ronaldo laughed: "I'm fine. Why are you calling me?""I ..." Just like a flash of lightning, Licardo made a decision at this moment, "I want to play with you! Let Mr. Moratti buy me to Inter Milan!"

Ronaldo smiled and stated: "But you are too young, your not 18 years old yet and you cannot play abroad. How are you playing in the São Paulo youth team? Come on, I'll wait for you to ascend the first team in São Paulo, then I will recommend you to Mr. Moratti. How about that? "

"I will work hard!" Licardo blurted out excitedly. He couldn't wait to play next to Ronaldo and feed the alien continuously, let Ronaldo break record after record, and achieve unprecedented achievements!

Yes, he is Ronaldo's little fan! his biggest dream is to let Ronaldo surpass the ball king Bailey and Maradona and become the first person in history."Brother wait for me! I will play the main force in São Paulo for two years. You have to abide by the agreement and help me transfer to Inter Milan! I want to give you a lot of assists! I want to win the championship with you! We brothers will become legends on the football field! "

"Okay, okay, you have my word." Ronaldo smiled mildly. He felt a little strange. After all, Licardo was his half-brother, and the age gap was too big, so the two were never close. Licardo always respected him more than he was kind.

Why, did Licardo suddenly, seemed to become a person, showing such attachment, affection, and worship to him?

Ronaldo would have never imagined that the soul in the body was another person, one of his super fans, and one of the professional players from later generations. After hanging up the phone, Ronaldo suddenly realized that Licardo had spoken to him in Italian and spoke very well, no less than he who has played in the Italian League for 5 seasons.

This kid ... do you really dream of playing in Serie A, and have you worked hard for it?

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