The darkest fear.

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What is The darkest fear.

Read ‘The darkest fear.’ Online for Free, written by the author Midnight_Stargazer, This book is a Horror&Thriller Novel, covering Fiction, Light Novel, Internet Novel, and the synopsis is:


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Once again, I found myself battered and bruised, lying in a miserable heap. My thoughts were spinning in all directions. I had just been going about my business when I was ambushed. They took everything I had and left me with aching bruises on my back. This had been happening way too often lately. As I lay there, wondering what to do next, I noticed some movement nearby. Two men were locked in a wild, otherworldly fight. They had weapons that definitely didn't belong in our world, and they looked nothing like us. One had fiery red hair, and the other's hair was a wild shade of green that couldn't possibly be natural. The green-haired guy could blend in with trees like a human chameleon. What amazed me the most was that no one else seemed to see them. It was like they were invisible to everyone except me. The red-haired guy stabbed the green-haired one, and a green liquid, similar to blood, spilled out. I couldn't help but gasp in shock. That's when the red-haired guy noticed me and started heading my way. I didn't waste a second. I fought through the pain, got to my feet, and tried to escape, but he caught me. He looked at me with intense eyes, and then slowly raised his hands, which still held the weapon with the green substance. I raised my hands to shield my already battered face, expecting the worst. But to my surprise, nothing happened. I cautiously lowered my hands and saw that he was looking at me with a shocked expression. He was studying a scar I'd had since I was eight, mumbling something about "phoenix." "Who are you?" he muttered slowly, his eyes an unusual reddish-blue, almost glassy against his pale, handsome face. Suddenly, I was whisked away to a completely different world—a kingdom where men ruled and women were treated as if they didn't matter. They were only seen as breeders and had no power. I became a curiosity, a mystery they couldn't quite grasp. They couldn't believe my abilities, and honestly, neither could I. But in this strange place, I found a family, people I could trust, and for the first time in my life, I felt like I belonged. My newfound family was facing a big problem and needed me to become stronger. As the last member of the Tao clan, it was my responsibility to find others like me from different realms and work together to prevent a massive war that could destroy everything. This was my chance to be more than just a punching bag and to save thousands of lives.

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Rise of the Paragon Villain

In a world of forgotten memories and lethal secrets, Anastasia Moreau fights for survival. Awakening in a sinister laboratory with no recollection of her past, she escapes, only to be taken under the wing of a notorious killer who molds her into an assassin. Her goal: ascend the ranks within the elusive assassin organization known as RACQI, all while unraveling the secrets of her own lost memories. But Anastasia carries a crippling burden—PTSD that renders her incapable of taking a life. Her flaw threatens to shatter her dream until a final chance arises: an assignment to eliminate Valerian Vincenzo Vanguardia, the prime minister's formidable son. A task laced with complications, for Valerian possesses otherworldly abilities and a personality that clashes with everything Anastasia stands for. When a series of gruesome murders entangles them with Ambrose Riese, the youngest scion of the powerful Spes Lawfirm, the trio forms an uneasy alliance to confront a rising tide of chaos. In their struggle against deadly foes, including bloodthirsty zombies and alien creatures, Ana and Valerian's animosity transforms into an unexpected connection, sparking a slow-burning attraction that defies the odds. As darkness threatens to consume them, they must navigate treacherous paths, facing inner demons and forging unlikely alliances. The lines blur between heroes and villains as they battle not only external threats but also the shadows within themselves. Ana's journey becomes a thrilling odyssey of redemption, truth, and justice, leading her to question whether she can triumph over her past or risk becoming something far more sinister. The fate of a fractured world hangs in the balance, and Ana's choices will determine whether she rises as a hero or succumbs to the darkness. Prepare for a saga where alliances shift, allegiances blur, and the past casts a haunting shadow on an uncertain future.

faye_ri · Sci-fi
153 Chs


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