1 Chapter 1: The kings order.


"Lady Scarlett, King Zeyn is asking for you to come to the Hall of Judgments," said the maid.

Scarlett shook her head in silence and grabbed the hem of her dress. She walked quietly and steadily towards the hall.

She stood in front of the big door.

Taking a deep breath, she pointed at the servant from the corner of her eye.

The servant opened the door, and Scarlett entered the large hall.

"Princess Scarlett, thank you for accepting our invitation," said the ruler of the city of Fotiá.

When Scarlett stood before them, she smiled at him and looked at her father.

She was waiting for his words, knowing that he would not ask her to come to the great hall for some weak reason.

"Lady Scarlett, I hope it won't be an inconvenience to you; please carry this for me." The ruler of Nemos City said this, moving a golden goblet with the air energy he controlled.

He threw the cup at Scarlett to distract her while the ruler of Fotiá threw a spear at her.

Scarlett dodged the spear and grabbed the goblet, but without using her powers, she didn't recognize her strength yet. She looked normal and weak, like a human.

"Dad, what's going on?"

"Are you trying to kill me?"

Before Scarlett could step toward her father, the ruler of Fotiá City blocked her path and used his energy to make a wall in front of her.

The ruler of Nemos City advanced, using his energy to control the wind and push Scarlett away. Scarlett slammed into the hall door and stood up again. She was in a lot of pain, sitting in silence.

"Lady, you didn't use your energy," said the memo to the city ruler.

"You know that it hasn't appeared yet, so how can I use something that does not exist?" Scarlett replied in an angry tone.

"I apologize to you, Princess Scarlett; a weak person like you does not belong among us." said the ruler of the city of Fotiá and fired an arrow of fire toward her.

Scarlett closed her eyes, and tears fell down her cheeks with sadness.

Did her father order her to kill herself? To this degree, he hates her!

She was expecting the arrow to pierce her heart, but she didn't feel anything. Scarlett slowly opened her eyes. She saw the arrow hanging in the air.

It was the ruler of the city of Fotiá. He didn't want to kill her, as she thought. It was a test. It seems she failed.

The two gentlemen turned away from the throne, and the king stood up and moved slowly towards his daughter, standing right in front of her, putting his arms behind his back, and looking at her sharply.

"Scarlett Zayn, you have completed nineteen, and your strength has not yet appeared. You do not have the power to control any element. You are too weak to become the king of this country. You are weak human beings."


"All the rulers have gathered, and by royal decision, the title of princess has been withdrawn from you, and we will send you to the land of humans."

Zeyn spoke in a calm voice and slowly moved towards the throne. Scarlett was shocked at how he was kicking her out of her home, her family, and her people.

How will she live among people she has never mixed with? Why not give her a chance?

"How can you disown me and kick me out of my country? You are my father." Scarlett grabbed Zen's arm tightly and shouted at him angrily.

Zeyn looked at her for a few seconds before pushing her hand away from him.

"I don't have a child like you." Zeyn sat on the throne and looked at the shocked Scarlett.

"Zeyn, you are my father, and you will not change."

"This truth will never change; I am Scarlett Zeyn, Princess of Neró, and ruler of paradise-land after you."

Scarlett cried, both angry and frightened at the same time. She screamed that he might retract his harsh decision, but he answered her with a shocking response.

"A weak person like you will never become a ruler after me. I am Zeyn, ruler of the land of paradise. I have no daughter named Scarlett."


Zeyn opened the door of the hall with the power of water, pushed Scarlett out of the hall, and closed the door again.

She was lying on the floor, looking at the door of the hall with sadness and shock. She did not know how, but her tears began to fall profusely. She did not feel the difference or weakness she feels now; her father had disowned her. Because she is vulnerable, she should be protected instead.

Her mother came forward and helped her get up. When she stood up, she saw her aunt and her son looking at her and smiling.

She knew that their hearts were filled with hatred, but why did she not do anything bad to them?

"Scarlett, honey, what's up?"

Her mother asked her, and she wiped Scarlett's tears from her cheeks. Her aunt and her son approached, concentrating on what she was going to say.

"Lady Scarlett." The maid's voice interrupted these anxious moments, but it shocked everyone when Scarlett looked at her.

"Madam, we have prepared your bags, and the king has ordered you to head towards the country gate."

"What? What's the matter? Scarlett, tell me what happened." Scarlett's mom said she was genuinely worried and scared, while her aunt and son were smiling.

Scarlett felt lost. She thought of claiming the illness but knew it was inevitable, and since her father didn't want her anymore, she stuck with it.

Scarlett moved towards the gate of the country, holding onto her mother's hands.

All the leaders, rulers, and ministers were lining up in front of the gate, and in front of them stood Zayn, standing firmly and firmly, as if he were not throwing his daughter into a strange land.

"Scarlett, because you have no power, by royal decree, first the title of princess will be withdrawn and you will be removed from the throne of power, then the family will disown you as you are no longer one of its members, and finally you will be banished to the land of humans forever."

Zeyn said the gate opened, and the ruler of Nemo's city stirred the winds to carry Scarlett and her bags.

Scarlett's mother grabbed her hand and screamed, but Zayn did not back down. The wind moved and pulled Scarlett so hard that she became completely out of sight.

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