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Author review? Nothing new. However, I will actually give some pros and cons of the book with a short book description for those that dislike the synopsis. What is the book about?: (First Arc Only) Its a fantasy based world with lots of magic, where Ojero and Orpham are brothers. Both are the sons of a duke, with Orpham being the heir. When they turn 14, both are blessed with mythical powers (The rarest), with Orpham gaining light and space based power while Ojero gains Time, Shadow, and Necromancy. The story revolves around Ojero's evil and cynical personality and how it causes friction between himself and his brother at Lumenbecs Academy, a very prestigious magic school, and his path to learning how to use his magic. Pros -Unique magic system that had a lot of time put into it. -Evil MC! -Brother conflict that makes sense and allows the characters to stick to their roles. -There will be a romantic subplot at some point. -Clear notification when swapping character POV's. (Ojero is default) -Constantly changing map of the continent to show change that the MC doesn't directly cause. Hard to imagine the MC not causing every little thing in the universe, but try to stick with me here. Cons -Its my first work, so it may not be up the par with other novels. -Not too many chapters right now -Evil MC! For some this is a con. -MC's are pretty powerful.

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Before you read this you should know that the Mc is arrogant and a hypocrite if you don't like that then leave but read at leat 10 - 20 chp before you review cause it takes time to warm up to the mc


I read the first chapter, and it was so intriguing. The idea and the world it is set in are really great. The POV from a newborn baby is really unique. Keep doing your great work!


This is a very decent light novel in my opinion. the magic system is fresh and original. it's dark as well which I like. the magic is taught not given. it feels like decent and good growth. I like the possibilities and am looking forward to the kinds of subjects the mc makes and recruits as well as the formation of his army (captains, generals, and other rankings) but it's not hard to see the flaws. the character writing isn't that great. the problem lies in the mc. he's almost bratty. unrealistically hates social people and it's awkward. he's supposed to be selfish and cunning as well as smart. but he feels bratty instead. annoyed by every little thing and dislikes others. but I cant bear to give this lower than a 4 star for the excellent world-building and power system as well as paced level up. especially the book at the end of each chapter where it tells of a certain undead or dark arts spell or specialized mana. anyways this looks very promising. i only hope it last a long time.


The story is very well written and is exactly what I've been looking for in a novel! I highly recommend reading through at least the first few chapter's before deciding whether or not you like the story, it is so worth the wait for the new chapters!