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The Dark Magus


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Please support with power stones for WPC update: Didn't win. Yeah, I know, it sucks. I'd still take the power stones tho. ---------- "The dark mage, Jason, died a heroic death at the age of thirty. He sacrificed himself bravely to save all the rankers in the tower from the Others and everyone in the tower will always remember him as a hero." That is the story that everyone heard about Jason's death. The truth was very different. In truth, Jason was betrayed by the heavens just before the war ended and he was killed by the angels for his dark magic. But, as fate would have it, Jason was thrown through time after his death and he ended up in the body of his fifteen year old self. And this time, Jason swore that things will be different. ---------- The extended version of the synopsis is in the first auxiliary chapter. Give it a read if you want to know more about the book before you dive in ---------- At the start of the novel, the MC is weak, not so pathetically weak that anyone can just walk over him, but weak enough that he can't make any rash moves in the tower because there are people that are much stronger. Please, keep that in mind as you read. He won't suddenly gain his past skills in one day, neither will he find an SSSSSS+++++ rank skill overnight (That's a joke by the way. What the hell is a skill like that?) He will work for his power and even though he will grow much faster than his past life, he will still have to grow. Thanks. ---------- Maybe I need to write this too. Regressing to the past doesn't make someone an angst-lord. He doesn't have any murderous intention at every little thing that someone does. He is still a normal person, so don't expect a brooding, frowning, chain-murdering demon or something like that. Thanks. ---------- Try to read to at least chapter twenty before deciding to love or despise the book. I'm sure you'll all love the book, but if you don't, then thanks for reading, and it was a pleasure entertaining you. ---------- Can't believe none of you told me about that mistake. ---------- P.S. It's pretty fast-paced for the first arc. Second arc will be a lot more mind boggling and a little slower. Hope y'all enioy. ---------- Release Rate: 10 Chapters a week. Bonus Releases: 1 extra chapter per 20 GT.


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