95 Chapter 95

The dark goddess stood fully displayed, and before her, now tumbling out of that place through the torn air, were two beautiful demon men, half-naked. Landrie and Daniel, Ellon's apprentice. They hit the sand hard, leapt up in an instant, and reached overhead to where the dark goddess of the desert was making her way to pursue them, feeling her way into the rip that the biggest demon had dived through headfirst. As she reached for Landrie, needle-like claws springing from her fingertips, the demon jabbed upward, something black clutched in his fist, and with an audible click, it was all gone. The sand hole was torn into another world—gone. The goddess with her scarlet eyes and perfect breasts—gone. The ancient sand temple vanished, the dead light of that awful place sealed away again behind whatever thinness keeps us from nightmares.

The portal! They arrived at the portal. Two days in advance... but why?

Landrie asked himself, and Daniel stood behind him.


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