296 Chapter 296

Danny has a plan of his own. He shall uncover his origin. He had decided he had to unearth his ancestry's full story, to find out who his parents were. He had never hoped for joyous family reunions. He just had to know. That might not have been the best idea. No good ever came from ladling into the past. It was like kicking a nest of hornets. That's what his foster father has always meant.

Brushing off those metaphorical hornets, Danny nudged all thoughts of his past to the sidelines. He had to concentrate on something else. He had to keep his mind off the horrible truth that he had a dark sorcerer for a father.

He might have despised him. After all, he wanted him dead. And his foster siblings were even worse. They wanted to use Danny as a tool to earn gold and silver, then discard him like trash on the side of the cliff. Literary again.


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