275 Chapter 275

Warm water flooded the circular bathtub, spilling all over her feet as she assisted him in. She fixed herself beside him, dripping aromatic milky moisture over his body. He lunged to cup her cheek, to kiss the wonderful thing, but she slid away from his hands, running her own down his chest. He attempted again, to stroke the magnificent kitty curve of her back, but she arched away from his touch, and it fell, draining into the warm water.

Her eyes fixed to his hard shaft, eyes swollen and greedy. She spoke to it. "Isn't this amazing Norman?" She ran her hands along his rod, drawing it from its sheath. Her tongue traced her lips. "Warm, rigid flesh."

Then she winked shortly and nodded her head. "Apologies, I pledged to demonstrate my father's secret, did I?." Norman doesn't care anymore. He wanted her.


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