257 Chapter 257

Dimitri crushed down his raw predatory disposition, and held himself utterly still, her body jailed between his immovable one and the wall.

Blanca cleared her throat and tried again. "It can't work. I have obligations. I can't afford a relationship right now. And you're looking for something intense, passionate, and some infinite bond. I'm just not like that. I don't have all that much to give anyone." Blanca's fingers twirled together in an uproar; he felt his heart twist in answer. The smile deep in his soul at her absurd words never found its way to his face.

Blanca had a passionate personality, and her need for him was as tremendous as his need for her. She knew it, and it frightened her. More than anything, that wisdom was what made her discern from him. She had taught herself to be a solitary person and had no idea how to share her life. She would never, could never be like her mother.

"Are you listening to me, Dimitri?"


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