190 Chapter 190- BOOK 2

Underworld, Prince Ulrich Castle

Ten minutes into Prince Ulrich's costume party, Mora was reaching the conclusion that she would not make a very good spy.

Which was unfortunate, as "become a spy" topped her list of things to do if her coven and the head chief disinherited her. For the most part, she surely qualified for the job—she excelled at knowing things she ought not to know, at dissembling, and at guessing others' misdeeds before they'd even had a chance to commit them—but she now suspected that being a spy required patience, and patience had never been her forte.

It had been weeks since the war ended and she was back at Morgana's coven. Now, she had a mission to accomplish, and going back here in the underworld as a spy made it no better. What if Ulrich, the cretin, recognizes her?


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