187 Chapter 187

"Kill her now, Blanca!" Dimitri's voice echoed in her mind the minute she was able to return as he stood there like a statue. Unmoved.

From a few feet away, Anda laughed. "Bravo! Dimitri, do you think I'm that stupid?" She smirked with visible outrage and turned to look at Blanca, who was shocked as well. "...Pathetic, really. I hope you have brought more than yourself to accomplish such a task, Blanca," she hissed as she moved in front of Dimitri so fast that no one saw it coming and held his face. "Not even you can be stupid enough to believe your mate can kill me, Dimitri?"

"We shall see," Dimitri purred and spat at the witch. She sneered and then spat back.

"As you wish, leech!" She called for her abominations.


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