117 Chapter 117

"Brother, you know very well we are not in heaven," Gabriel muttered and rolled her eyes at Michael's exaggeration. "Welcome to the Mesial City," Gabriel added.

Blanca gawked at his words and looked at Dimitri, hoping to enlighten her confusion.

Dimitri murmured, "Mesial City is the magical land between two realms. We are in the middle, between heaven, or the Upperworld, and the Underworld."

Blanca nodded her head and looked at the ethereal angel in front of her. She thought he had to be Gabriel, as they rose to their feet. While Michael, the leader of the angels' council and ruler of Miseal City, winked at her, seated in the middle of the throne with a boring look. Clearly, he was a man who doesn't like formalities, but it was needed, so he was intrigued by Michael's introduction.


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