107 Chapter 107

The bird she was riding saw him too. It dove for him, opening its mouth to shoot fire. The other bird was flying in from the other side of Dimitri. The two beasts were in a hot race to eat him first.

They weren't far now from the barren dunes' upper peaks. She kicked and pulled with all her strength, turning her bird as it opened its mouth. It shrieked in pain and swerved into the other heads. Blanca jumped off the beast and grabbed Dimitri, knocking them onto the dunes. Above them, the two birds collided in a fiery explosion. Wow, they sure had a lot of fire in them.

She turned to Dimitri with a crooked smile. "Got you, dear."

He looked over the edge of the dunes; a few more inches and they'd have missed the shelter and fallen to their deaths in the cliff below. Then he looked up at the burning black feathers raining down on them and chuckled.

"What?" She demanded.

"I really did pick the right mate."


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