The Dark Fairy Book

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The Dark Fairy


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Kidnapped at the age of three, Rain found herself amongst the people who put monsters and devils to shame. Subjected to their torture from a young age, she turned out to be a cold-blooded killer with no emotions. But just when her soul was about to leave the world of humanity turning her into one of those monsters, she was introduced to two little angels in the form of her brothers who dragged her back into the realm of humanity giving her hope and a reason to live. To protect those angels from a fate similar to hers, she decided to flee from the shackles of those monsters. Until her brothers entered her life, there was no one whom she could call her kin. No family, no friends, not one soul whom she could call her own but only blood. It was the blood that she needed to survive. NOT HERS BUT OTHERS. Unable to reverse the damage done to her in all these years, she began to think of herself as a monster even after their escape whose sole goal in this life was to create a safe world for her brothers. But the interference of a certain pesky man forced her to question her goal. He just barged into her life and made her believe that although she was filled with darkness, she was a fairy. “A Dark Fairy” is what he called her. After marking his presence and establishing his position as the ruthless leader in the underworld, Elliot Harvey was thrown into the family’s business empire as his grandfather decided to retire at this moment. But before he ascended the throne as a president, he decided to clear up the pests in his corporation at the grassroots level. Thus, he decided to intern at his own company as Kai to uproot those pests who were vying for his family’s business. But when he met Rain in the company, gone was the ruthless king of the underworld and what remained was a young puppy in love who just wanted to be noticed by this mysterious girl who had captured his heart with her hypnotising eyes. ******** “Wha…Just What happened here?” his best friend gulped as soon as his gaze landed on a girl standing there like a demon sent by Hades himself. “Elliot. What in the world happened here? Why does Rain look like thi… like this….”. He wanted to say demon when he heard Elliot say “Fairy.” “Fairy??!!! Are you out of your mind? She’s clearly a Demon, okay?? A DEMON! Straight from the hell!!!” his friend trembled. ********** Although she escaped the clutches of those monsters with the hope of living a normal life with her brothers, that hope was crushed as she soon realised that she could never be free unless those monsters were annihilated from the face of the Earth. This is her journey of the war where humanity was at stake. This is his journey to protect her from the darkness within her. The story of his assistance to her quests, complimenting her where she lacked. He thought that he was lucky enough to get a chance to join her in this war but unknown to him, he had already signed up for this war way before he even met her. But what is it that hell she fled from? Why is she running away? What is the war that they have to fight? Let's accompany Rain on her excursion to find all the answers. (Warning- This story may have a BL romance later in the story. Hence those people who are uncomfortable about reading such stories are suggested to re-consider before picking up this story. As for the rest of the readers, Thank you for your support. Happy Reading \\^_^//) Ps- The credit of the picture on the cover goes to the original owner in Pinterest whom I don’t know.


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