66 Chapter 66 Plan

Translator: Doggotranslation

After Chu Yunsheng came back from the state of trance, he immediately realized what he had done. It was not that he was worried about exposing some secrets; that was just one simple rule amongst other rules in the ancient book, and it was still a primitive model. He was worried that he had constructed something that even the professors couldn't construct. Someone was definitely going to question him.

Professor Fang suddenly grasped Professor Sun's hand and said with full excitement, "Lao Sun, isn't this the subject I deduced but eventually dropped yesterday!? Who changed it? Quick, tell me who changed it?"

Only until now did Professor Sun just remember the person who changed the model. He immediately dragged Chu Yunsheng, who was about to leave, and said, "It's him! Young man, don't go! Quick, can you explain it to us?"


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