The Damned Demon

Died a Hero, Reborn as a Demon... The strongest Hero in the world killed the Demon King, the most powerful demon ever to appear on Earth. He achieved something which no other hero could ever do. But alas, the Hero never expected his own girlfriend, his own friends, and the organization he trusted to suddenly turn against him and try to kill him. It was the cruelest blow he was ever dealt in his life. He still didn’t give up and tried to stand his ground, but they had come prepared, and he was caught unawares in their trap. He fought to his death only to find himself transmigrated into a demon’s body! But who would have thought that he would be the husband of the Demon Queen! However, life as the royal consort was not easy at all. So read to find out how he is going to overcome those trying to step on him and finally get his revenge. ===== Discord Link https://discord.gg/HjWkd4nB3z =====

Resurgent · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
586 Chs

You Are Too Stubborn For Your Own Good

The carriage jolted violently as it was bombarded with powerful blasts of mana, sending shockwaves through its structure. 

Naida, her face beaded with sweat, struggled to maintain the protective shield around them. Her voice was strained under the pressure, "I can't keep up this shield for long. They literally have a small army outside firing at us. You should go while I will stay behind and buy some time. Eradicator is leading us to the ground, which should allow you to hide in a nearby place in disguise until reinforcements arrive."

Asher, despite the excruciating pain wracking his body, grasped Naida's hand firmly, "I am not leaving you behind. We either... face them together... or we don't," he declared with unwavering resolve.

"My king..." Naida whispered with a shake of her head, her eyes a mix of soft feelings and determination.