397 Things Are Bad


Naida's eyes widened in surprise as Asher's lips suddenly enveloped hers, a soft, muffled sound escaping her in the unexpected moment. 

However, almost immediately, she gently pulled back, breaking the kiss and bringing Asher back to reality. 

He quickly got up, a wince crossing his face as the sudden realization of his actions set in.

"I am sorry, I didn't—" Asher began, his expression a mix of embarrassment and confusion, trying to apologize for his impulsive act.

"Don't bother about it. Mistakes happen. You must be feeling quite foggy after dealing with them and getting exhausted," Naida said softly, her voice dismissive yet gentle. She turned her back to him, perhaps to give him a moment to compose himself.

Asher let out a sigh, closing his eyes briefly as he composed his thoughts, "No, yeah...I should let you rest now. I will be outside," he said, feeling that his skin wasn't thick enough to keep standing here any longer.


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