373 Reclaim Our Legacy

From the shadows, Isola appeared, her presence like a calming breeze, "I understand why you did it," she said softly, her smile tinged with sadness, "It's just...hard, seeing her in so much pain even to this day."

"You have your own kind of courage, Isola," Asher acknowledged, stepping towards her with an appreciative nod, "Confronting your mother's fears, challenging age-old beliefs... not many would dare."

Isola's gaze was filled with a mix of admiration and affection as she looked up at Asher, "You know, not many would have the nerve to stand up to my mother as you did," she remarked, her voice carrying a note of pride, "Not even my father dares to push her boundaries."

Asher's chuckle was a soft rumble in the quiet chamber, "Sometimes family is too close to see the battle clearly," he replied, the corner of his mouth lifting in a half-smile, "That's why I told you I won't let you fight this alone."


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