385 Obedience Only From Slaves

The Gloaming Pavilion was a realm of nocturnal beauty, a sanctuary bathed in the soft glow of the blood moon. 

Moonflowers and night-blooming jasmine released their heady scents into the air, creating a mesmerizing blend of floral fragrances. 

The pavilion's heart was marked by a large, tranquil pool, its surface a mirror reflecting the celestial dance of stars and moonlight above, casting a serene ambiance around the chamber.

The servants and maids of the castle had already come to know that this place was officially Consort Isola's private chambers.

Isola, her twilight-blue skin subtly illuminated by the moon's caress, stood gazing out the window, lost in thought. 

The gentle rustle of her dress, akin to the whisper of night winds, ceased as she sensed Asher's presence. 


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