391 Feeling Scared?

Leonidas fought with the ferocity of a wild beast, his axe cutting through the air in destructive arcs of reddish mana. 

Two of the werewolves, their crimson fur matted with rain, lunged towards him with a savage hunger in their eyes.

Leonidas's shock was palpable as the werewolves absorbed his attack with mere grunts, their tough bodies seemingly impervious to his powerful strikes. They countered with an onslaught of poisonous claws, aiming to tear into him with lethal intent.

"Fuck off!" Leonidas roared, his voice carrying a draconic timbre that caused the werewolves to grimace in pain. 

Seizing the moment, he swung his axe with all his might, aiming for their necks.

Yet, to his dismay, his attack merely caused a shallow bloody gash, enraging the beasts further. 


With a brutal force, they slammed him onto the ship's surface, sending several of his teeth flying from his bloodied mouth.


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