386 Crush The Egg Before The Dragon Hatches


Just as the werewolves were about to pounce on Kira, a deafening growl tore through the air. 

From the largest building in the area emerged a towering werewolf, standing at an imposing seven feet tall, clad in impressive dark armor. 

His crimson fur gleamed under the blood moon's light while his dark green eyes were brimming with sheer rage.

The chief's presence alone commanded immediate respect and submission; every werewolf in sight.

"Chief Boragor!" they chorused, a mixture of awe and fear in their voices.

The roar from their chief not only halted the impending attack but also jolted the charmed werewolves back to reality. 

They shook their heads, bewildered, their expressions shifting from confusion to shock as they tried to comprehend the bizarre control they had just experienced.


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